Monday Reservations: Your Own Dialogue

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Monday! Excitement fixates in our brain for every day other than this one. What to change that? Complacency shifts direction into a sort-of negative approach to the start of every week. Why? Isn’t the beginning of the week your chance to gobble up as much information you can? A new idea or a new motive? Enhancing your skills and remaining engaged slings new opportunities your way. Wake up Monday with a different aspiration level. See Monday as a cash cow, monetarily speaking, and a little further. Monetary acquirements aren’t the only thing that makes us rich. Take a look at some ways we can push our Monday attitudes to a ” Friday,” one.

Desire is attained by personal motives and experiences. What pulls you, motivates you, keeps you on your toes? That thought you have, keep it. Are you proactively growing in this subject? Each day, do you find a deeper meaning within your love? Then chase it! Monday is the perfect day to learn something, people have been around others all weekend, you tend to hear more stories, no? Use this time! Questions maintain your biggest asset. Find out how someone thinks, or views it, then analyze. Grasping the other concept will correlate to ideas. Trust yourself.

Finding yourself is hard. We all know it to be tough, but change makes progress. Revolving your life around an aroma of confidence, is huge. Not cocky, but confident, in your ability to listen and absorb. Being real with if you truly listen is a an awesome characteristic. Evolving to someone in higher regard, is a constant look at your good and not-so, happy and eh, balancing and moving with learning, not failure. Happiness to finally understand, that is way better than dwelling till tomorrow. Don’t you think so? Sunday nights can now become powerful.

Work stress is a leader in the US, no denying that. What if you brought a view and different prospective to the way you react? Seeing a mess up, as a inadequate amount of time to learn. Maybe you didn’t demonstrate thoroughly, or they had a different learning style. Walking into something positive, even in rough times, breads more positivity. Want to change your work environment? Bring your energy, it requires effort. Live, breathe, see opportunities. Allowing yourself a chance for assessment and dialogue will provide answers regarding your Monday’s. Never understanding the root, never know the problem, stand still.

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The biggest helpful tip from my experience is to relate it to things I truly enjoy. The it in this is our struggle for Monday motivation. Whatever it is, you can change it. Seemingly enough, you can and will see a change. Vocabulary and growth-mindsets. Start with a way to redirect your high emotions within the workplace. How you handle things, enables a reaction, so choose how you want to be reacted to, talked to, and how you learn. Everyone is different, always have that placed somewhere. No one is bigger and better, just a little more polished. Monday is your chance to learn and dissect. Start with your way to work, see a new sign? Research that company. Bet you learned something on the search. Move today to create a better tomorrow. Monday establishes its presence all throughout Sunday. Actively listen and pursue, write down and go over your plan. Each month assess how those Monday moments felt, then construct what worked and didn’t! What a beneficial way to learn! Free hand experience.

Comfort Zones: Moving Past Your Resistance

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What is the most efficient way to break through an uncomfortable situation? Moments of distress and vague attainment. Putting yourself in these spots starts as a stimulate in our subconscious mind. How so? From experience and conditioning, we often correlate Fear with the factors of why we can’t do some things. In fact, in most cases, our whole lives can be sheltered from things we are uncomfortable with. What if I told you that in can be changed? And fast. Resistance sits in confidentiality, showing us its true form while we sit alone. Below will intensify the subject to bring an even more sufficient understanding.

Coming into progress with this is challenging, but very do-able with the desire. Willingness is beyond the first point of contact. Sitting with yourself to conclude your precedent is the first step. You have to know your triggers to fix them, right? Do not stop there. Why do you feel this way in this context? Constructive fabrication of your conversations follows. Key in the developmental stages of your growth, for real. Fear can move you, fuel you, consume you. Don’t let it. Strangely, well, to this point in your life, accept it. True absorption is needed to plan a way to eliminate certain resistances you are faces.

What is your vice? Social anxiety is something that can bring resistance to me. I tend to lag back and make excuses, why? In the past, I neglected and pushed away any fit of improvement in this area. Fear fueled my obsession to think, but not act. Every tangible and intangible resistance at a glance, is pushed to negative, instead of progression. Over time, regression sets in as you grow accustomed to no social interactions. Leaving you in a situation of forgetfulness. Yes! Extended time away, you will find yourself having trouble in a communication sense.

Since we know the power of Human Relationships, this is a red flag! Not only does those relationships bring monetary success, it brings a new light of life upon us. We start to listen more in depth, view others in different ways, even going back on ways we used to interpret things. Building rapport with strangers is my way of breaking through the barriers. I will say that over time, I have formed an understanding of myself and others. I look forward to the interaction from a learning stance. Sensing and mirroring personalities start to pop up quicker, leading to more commonality. What careers can this help in as well? All of them!

Conversations lead the opportunities. Picking brains of ones at a higher level will associate you with talking in a professional manner, and get you more comfortable with conversating with those in high regards. Example: asking for a raise. Life and Health insurance sales? Commercial and Residential lending? IT work? Retail? I mean it when I say, all of them. The main category to focus on is…..You! If you sacrifice your reasoning or your why, you will fall back. Never stop and asses why you’re putting yourself in charge. Resistance is broken by trial, by experience. Whatever you may be facing, feel it, construct it, then stay accustomed. You have to be willing to be dealing, something for nothing is not ever the case. Be a better you, today!

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Self-Assessment: Chart Your Path

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The opportunities are there, more than ever. Inevitably, this brings on a new push within society. We see it in schools, the job force, anywhere that we turn. I am not here to say everyone has noticed, but when you do, realize this is our future. The opportunity is the thought of Something for nothing. Self-assessing plays a key role in the developmental stages of our lives. Not only is it important every so often, it is a force in the confidence field. So, how do we self-assess? Moreover…When? Knowingly attached to your conscious and subconscious mind, thoughts lead, with success and learning trailing behind. Below are some answers on how to Self-Assess and the benefits following.

Self-Assessments for me come at times of opportunity. Fear strikes me first, next in line is doubt. My brain follows these patterns, because I conditioned it in those ways. Changing that wasn’t easy, but it didn’t need some master science plan. You will always need to stay refreshed, with adaptability on site everywhere you go. Opportunities, not failures. Learning yourself, finding out new things, will only propel you forward. Start with things you know you need some help with, and also write down your action in halting it. Next, pick it apart. Write what you are willing to do to blow past that opportunity! Mean it, integrity is your best friend here.

Coming from fits of anxiousness, I always view procrastination as my vice. Instead, after a month of not getting where I wanted, I realized my first step was the most important. When it enters, act. How did I figure this out? Monthly assessments of myself. Your goal throughout is to guide you to your skills and hobbies, while constructively breaking down what makes you fall off track. When I think of myself, I don’t know about you, but I never want to stay at a plateau or standing still. Small steps, never stop. What do you have to lose in trying and learning? Besides gaining freedom and impacting the world in your own way.

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Awakening receptors never used is a whole new style to growth. Well, for you and me. The hardest part is sticking to at times, so change it. You are in control, in every position you allow yourself a chance or choice. What are you going to do? Sad, angry, jealous? Take a look at yourself. Be honest and upfront, likely something that might be a little disheartening, but full of returns. Not only can you help yourself, your life, career…You can make a change to others. Gripping with reality, leading and steering, brings immense success. Goals will always help in Self-Assessment, not ever the other way. What a great way to learn, huh? Totally hands on, totally transparent. Learn something about yourself each day! Remember, you are no longer good or bad, with good or bad tendencies! You are now molding into a knowledge seeking, growth-mindset individual. How much better does that sound? Stay infectious.

In concluding my previous passages, I emphasize this role because I have first hand seen the results. Seeing how it changes the way we think and the way we view things alone is staggering. It all comes back to wanting to change, no one will ever do it for you. Attached below I will show an outline of some ways to self-assess, and how to word them. Just a suggestion, always use your own words. Belief, man, you need it! Heart and the love for your own change will prove to the amount you are willing. Study those around you that do something like this, ask what and how they became attached to this method. Every single person has a quality we can view and come to understand. Isn’t that amazing? Believe that or not, I try to foster this idea everywhere I go. When I find myself not connecting or having a big problem reoccur, I go right into my Self-Assessment for that month. I cherish little victories, I cherish true effort. What do you find appealing? Where can you learn next? Especially about yourself.

Taking Human Relationships Further— Directional Shift

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Getting straight to the point, no makeup, no introduction. Why? Society has thrown this topic under, fueling judgment. Judgment to be yourself, to control who you surround yourself with, and who works hard. Contrary enough, human relations, people who challenge you in the right ways, now that is Americanism. Don’t believe it? Check this out below.

Andrew Carnegie, the huge leader in the steel industry, preaches coming together and putting our undeveloped minds together, to form inevitable advances. The Constitution? Heard of it? Mass majority of it, is working together! Giving freedom to everyone, bringing ideas to others, providing knowledge instead of hiding it. What do you think causes this? Say….maybe…jealousy? Or the fact that everyone wants to be better, or first. In reality, working together brings more of what you’re looking for.

One mind vs two. They have studied and researched the same things. Which one are you taking? Of course I welcome competition, just like you. Not complete destruction, but building and learning from those around us. I take two every time. Do me a favor, right now. Find a person that is close to you that you find yourself always learning new things, or having in depth conversation from a different angle. Run with that and use your voice! Ask questions.

These are the first steps in understand what is out there. This comes from preparation and finding your why. Your purpose, your Definite Major Purpose. I have spoke on that and it always rings bells, loud ones. Have you noticed the pattern? In these posts you will that none of this takes skill. You don’t have to have a 36 ACT score to put this into motion. Why wait? Each day make it a purpose to kindle a friendship. I use relationship, friendship, whatever you want to use. Ask them 1 question each time, and write down the answers, then go and research. Other people’s word simply is not enough, research it as well. Listen precisely to the words, and try to relate it to something you know. In that moment, soak it in with your full intentions. Intuition is your best friend. Start right now!

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Definite Purpose Driving Change: Organized Thought and Creative Vision

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Organized thought is not necessarily how you place things inside your brain, but how to control those thoughts entering, and how they work. Opinions have traveled throughout society, but exercising our paths of tangent thought consumption has proved to be lacking. Within these next few paragraphs you will see how emotion is a driving force to future achievements of your own thoughts. Creative Vision is the 6th sense, falling along side your imagination.

Becoming proficient on how to own your mind starts in our subconscious minds. Throughout experience and conditioning from the years we stick to what we have learned and come to see. The moment we notice our thoughts are fixed, (or we start to see that we are not where we should be) you will feel the negativity arouse. How do we change that? Guiding your thoughts and your Definite Purpose. Ding Ding! Your will will push you, but your thoughts and actions can take that all away.

Negativity sometimes can swaddle you, actually diminish goals and create like-minds. If you let it. The key to change starts with the recognition that your mindset is not where it needs to be, or your thoughts, vise-versa. Grasping this concept helps you enter a phase of realism within yourself you’ve never seen. Analysis of yourself on a basis is huge. Routines built around Definite Purpose start to become easier to maintain. Your mornings you can’t wait for, burning desire breathes, exhaling positive emotion.

Guiding you further, there is no use in your words or knowledge, without action (Definite Purpose). The most successful people act upon their Creative Vision. It is now, and they focus until attained. This is one of the most overlooked subjects containing to success. For them, it doesn’t feel so much like they are stuck, but they value the experience. Learning from desired effort, valuing others and looking up to them, as well as recognizing it does not make or break you are keys in opening up these thought contexts. Moving and not stopping.

In conclusion, I see many different avenues. Growth will never suppress with Definite Action. Points given about are to show that everyone has to learn and grow. The “natural,” term is falsely advertised in most cases. One takes control of their Organized Thought and Definite Purpose early, causing them to stay ahead. Move and stay moving, Definitive Purpose, Organized Thought, Persistent Will. Follow and teach, guide and listen. There is no such thing as something for nothing. Start now!

References: How to own your own mind- Napoleon Hill

Social Fears: How To Overcome

Take a look back at your last in person conversation. Was it quick or did you learn something about them? Do you find yourself shutting down what you’re thinking/want to say during big spots? We all have had a taste of this. Now, let’s walk through some ways we can enhance our effort towards a different perspective and way.

When you meet someone, what goes through your mind? Do you judge how they look or talk? Or, maybe you’re just too timid and can’t get that far. That was me at times. Closed off to the max, looking for a reason to leave the convo. Let’s put a different outlook at it. I recently took it upon myself that everyday I would talk to a stranger, and ask their name and meet them. The first one, oh my goodness was that terrible. Now, after some time, I learn so much from this! It moves me and it excites me, learning is starting to play its part.

Retrospectively learning is neurons passing from our short-term to long-term memory. We will never progress if we don’t challenge these receptors. Our mind is truly like a muscle, the more you teach it, with true effort, the more it grows. Fear is a big part in why we tend to sit back and wait. Alike brains, fear learns in a similar way. The more you go through your fears and face them, the easier they get, and the more you learn.

I know it seems hard, frightening, and a little lame. But do not kid yourself, you go through this. If you don’t, you see it happen. Face it, and know you’re not labeled because of it. You are valued with your effort. Move yourself to the growth mindset and use those resources around you. One thing to start, write down your real fears, then share them with someone. See if they relate, most times this leads to sharing embarrassing stories with one another. There it is! It doesn’t change after just one encounter though, stick with it.

Viewing something of high value is great, but we all need to see it in ourselves, too. Deep down if you think that an engineers work is so hard that there is no way, there will be no way. If you understand it’s difficult but, like humans, you can grow and learn to understand. This is the first step you could take. It has upheld its power in my world, let’s see about yours.

Do you have any experiences where you’ve thought about this? Maybe you’re already great at it, share your experience!

View Of Learning—Can We Change It?

Our brains are so interesting, don’t you think? The mere thought of it is staggering. Though, have you ever thought back when you were young and thought about your learning habits. At home, how were you praised? Effort or ability? Let’s take a quick look at some research regarding the reception styles that are absorbed while we are growing up, using a mindset technique.

Fixed and Growth mindsets aren’t too far apart. How? Think about it. The only thing that separates the two are initial thoughts, and then to the reaction sense. Studies shows that parents can often incorporate fixed mindsets from praise. All the time you hear, “ Children need praised,” “Why are kids these days always thinking they need a trophy?” When we are in a event setting with win or lose, fixed and growth mindsets learn totally different. Changing our approach from, “You’re the smartest!” “You are a natural!” to, “Wow, the (event) truly resembles the work you put into that, did you learn anything from that experience?”

Becoming true to the fact that minds and people can change is the first step. I was involved directly in the fixed mindset, everyday I find myself repeating growth mindset phrases to myself. As you teach and learn, you receive everyone in a new, different way. You connect better, you view their opinions as learning chances, and you take risks. You view your life as a process, not a set in stone element.

How can we pass this on? Simply try it. Start on your own, ask someone if they have heard of this. Make it a point when you wake up to just change one sentence—to yourself. Try it and then reflect. It will slowly move its way. Treat it as if it is important, because it is. Never leave a doubt in your words, it starts with that belief in yourself.

Once you conquer that, now move onto your first encounter. Plan your spot to learn from that experience, let that excite the conversation. Commonality always works! Once you feel confident asking new questions with someone pertaining to this, start to enroll it. As many of you know, throughout the first process, you will most certainly start to value others and how they work.

Beyond learning, it grounds us. Once we develop a community of growth-minded people, that is when more and more will look into this practice. Fixed and growth, not one of them is bad! Be you, be inspired, eliminate hate. Become who you are and it starts with you and that mindset. Start today.

References: “ mindset: The New Psychology Of Success” By Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.

Power of Women: What Most Neglect

Zainab Salbi, founder of Women For Women International

First, we cannot go further without the explanation of the title. It is sickening what I have heard/hear on the impact of women in our lives. The fact that we have women CEO making change and still being denounced is beyond me. So, let’s take a look at Zainab Salbi for example.

Zainab Salbi is an Iraqian-American founder, rights activists, author, and many more. She founded Women for Women, who provides care and resources for women affected by the war. Her goal for these woman is the pr ovide them with honest care, and move them to economic stability. Salbi has reached over 500,000 women in 8 areas, created over 500 jobs, and over $100 million dollars have helped over 1.7 million families.

At age 51, there is no slowing her down. Her being now consist of traveling the world to document the global problems we face. Her mission, throughout this whole journey, is you.

The common opinion is typically the business man in a $2,000 suit, seated on the board for 20+ years, and all of that. So boring I really didn’t want to go on. No more. Take a look at the history, who proves to honorable, successful, and selfish. Our world has seem small in this regard, missing out on the most prosperous fruits.

Don’t get me wrong, I for a fact know of the great male leaders as well. It seems time to pull the equality card, as it’s been missing for so long. We miss out on new, inventive ways of decision making, conceptual differences for advantages, and a impactful way of learning. The underlying fact, most men hate to see it. Once we move to the direction of accepting, seeking knowledge at every encounter, and ending the damaging ways that keep going. Face it, mean it, conquer it.

Take Zainab Salbi, let it push you. I know that her life has shown made me view mine differently. Seeking a right or wrong is no more, moreover, what did I learn? What can I teach? Salbi is the perfect example of Philanthropy and its continuous impact on us. Do some googling and check her out, you won’t regret it. Do you have anyone in this role or type of work? What have you learned from them? Share some comments!

Starting Back: The Routine Recipe

Covid, we know it has had a massive impact on our society. It has taken families, jobs, and even companies. It has also taken self-confidence in the highest regard. One thing is for certain, getting back isn’t easy. Taking a look on how to get some momentum towards exercise freedom, let’s do it.

  • What are your goals?
  • Are you a morning or night person?
  • Do you have confidence going back, or the opposite?

What are your goals? In regards to your fitness goals, where were you before covid? Okay, scratch it, throw it away. Completely! Now is our time to go back to learning! Form and gaining broadened knowledge commitments are amazing in this subject. So, start over. Write some new goals, ones you see truly benefit your situation, and remember, yours!

The second question is for you to jumpstart your activity. Whenever you feel the best, that is when you attack it. For me, early morning, as soon as my eyes open, feet on the floor and it’s my most valued time. If you are either one, try this. It will be the best mental toughness check of the day. You can and will when you try. Use this phrasing throughout, watch it work it’s magic!

Confidence, this one was tough when I started back. If you’re like me, I wanted to put it off, find a time it wasn’t busy. Why? They saw me how I was then, what will they think now? Garbage! There is no good or bad, strong or weak, only what we learn and can extend to others. They are learning how to greet and check you in again, too! Press on, dive in, move. Confidence and will is so big in exercise, start phrasing and pushing toward, I will.

How has your journey changed? Is the mask mandate making an excuse for you? We know we can make up a million excuses to not go, but the feeling once we are done cannot be matched. You will go in and see a difference in yourself, especially mentally. The more we move towards our fears, the closer we are to facing them. Once this happens, we will move ourselves to great leaps and bounds. Share some insight today!

Always remember…Slow steps will create, stopping never knew.

Common Action Killers—No More!

What is worse than working your tail off to fail at that goal? Not much. It’s true, and that triggers a sense of resentment upon that subject, whatever it may be. Resorting back to earlier, it can be changed. There are a few factors to discuss to put you in a position to prevail against these movement killers.

Lovely test scores, job scores, all that. Ever since we can remember we have been taking tests. Throughout time we develop a relationship to actions, failures, and success. Over that span, if we see patterns, we tend to stop. We find excuses to why the test failed us. Crap. I truly was a victim of this, big time.

It took me to stand in the mirror and ask myself true question. For once, I blamed me, and I was rightfully pleased. Aha! That day was my, “aha” moment. Let me direct you to something to help you better understand.

Next time you are faced with hardship(a problem you seem to not understand), keen in on that question. Read it 3 times over before you answer. Though it may not seem like much, this little step can help transform how you view a problem.

It boils over to your everyday life! Patience evolves, but not without action. Learn slowly, yes slowly, to change how you view yourself in that failing position. Do you like it? Of course not! So fix it.

Leaving it up to your own being to control what you put into action will only serve you blessings. Take the time to figure you out. Have you been taking outs? Are there jobs you could have but are afraid of the test? It is with anything.

I’ll leave you with some smiley motivation in the face of a frowning time. It isn’t bad now, it’s a opportunity! To come together and fight together. Learn and observe, baby. Sponge all the knowledge and accept all the views. Roll with that punch, turn it into two of your own.