Portfolio Additions: Entries and Grade

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Again back to where we left on. Today and moving through the weekend, we will discuss the additions or holdings that are on my radar. Watching or holding each of these companies for some time, it is time we dive systematically into how they pan out. Remember, this is all a form of opinion, not what absolutely is correct, we are talking about the stock market here. With that in mind, here are some big time watchlist items on my radar. Research and research, along with some research. Get to it!

CleanSpark (CLSK): CleanSpark is a Utah based company with some new changes to the management and financial team. CleanSpark is apart of the software and intelligent controls unit. Making energy controlled microgrids modeling software, business process methodology, and consulting services. Not only are they innovative, CleanSpark recently added Rachel Silverstein as VP of Compliance. Where was she before? Former Chief Counsel of Zappos, which is owned by Amazon. Moving ahead, the Utah native also added Owen Cadwalader to the VP of Operations. His background with Molekule and OptiRTC bring a well-experienced dynamic. Adding on top of that, CleanSpark added a$40M institutional investment, to help fund growth expansion and product offerings. For me, cash handling has been excellent within the CFO’s. From 2018 to 2019 they went from 412K to 7.84M, a 1,799% increase. Seeing this one through, big plans in the future still to come, I like this play.

Price/share: $11.02, Market Cap: $240.62M

Comstock Holdings (CHCI): Comstock Holdings is a Real Estate development company with a huge pipeline. Right now, they are eyeing DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland. Of course, they range from all over, with Homebuilding, Private and Institution investors. Offering land development, property management, entitlement, financing, general construction, and so on. Endless opportunities with the manufacturing of large commercial and private building, they bring a play with the construction and management services. Low debt, and they did free up some cash on hand. Gaining from 854K to 1.5M since 2018, look for this to increase substantially. Throughout the pandemic, Comstock was able to fork out 1M in debt payoffs, which is inspiring anyone.

Price/share: $3.059, Market Cap: $24.73M

AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC): AMC is a well-known theatre company based almost everywhere. With its recent decline and sell off of 200M for additional capital, most would sell or stay away. Not knocking the expertise, this is a believer stock for me, noting their income sheet is way down, their insider activity and partners soothe some of that. People love movies, and overseas they are ready for movies, too. Just think, will they stop making movies? Probably not. Dependent on re-opening, I look for this stock to rebound big. Directors and financial offers were buying back shares in the pandemic, as well as paying a little over a Billion in debt. Say what you please, still holding onto this one for the long haul.

Price/share: $4.11, Market Cap: $439.46M

One of the many tribulations throughout my journey is how the stock market acts and fluctuates. Amongst other things, we really have no concrete answer of why stocks and the market do what they do. My suggestions are to look at the company, not the market. Diligent research will lesser the value of you being wrong, but trust me, mistakes and misreading can happen! Trust yourself, if you believe, buy back when that price is low. Contenders will to be in your watchlist every single day, you can’t own all. Companies fail and companies succeed. You and me, we are looking for the ones that stick out and have a niche. Balance sheet and Operating cash flow, help tremendously when partnered with P/E ratios and Insider activity. Big competition is not always the perfect answer, stay in it!

Portfolio Icons: Finding Stability

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Picking up where we departed, the market and your companies are set to lose or gain. Preferably, everyone doesn’t want to be presented with a minus symbol in front. Throughout research, the value investors we look to, and some experience, below are some companies that hold some interest. Remember, your emotion and sector riding isn’t the best way per statistics. Take a look below how to decipher through earnings, balance sheets, cash flow, p/e rations, and PSR. Throughout this post we will centralize those companies with great financials and dividends to balance out your portfolio.

Star Group LP (SGU): Star Group LP specializes in the Heating and Air division. Star Group targets residential and commercial customers, also distributing products in the gasoline, diesel, and home heating oil sectors. Running on a delivery based system, they also pay out a $.52 cent dividend. As a long-term hold, this stock gives you consistency as well as paying you for holding. Dividend stocks partnering with commodities or utilities is where you can find your floor. For growth investing, not so much value investing.

Stock Price: $9.74/share, 5 Year Return: 60.5%, Dividend Yield: 5.36% ($.52)

Smith & Nephew (SNN): Smith & Nephew is known for its medical technology and distribution. Manufacturing and marketing are important to their production as well. SNN includes Joint Repair, Advanced Wound Devices, and Knee Replacements. Throughout the broad expansions, SNN continues to grow and facilitate their niche. A solid long-term medical play, the company also pays a $1.038 dividend. You will not see a ton of fluctuation in the overall price, but you will feel it every quarter. Adding stability to your portfolio once again, Smith & Nephew seems to be holding their spot on the list.

Stock Price: $39.36/share, 5 Year Return: 27.9%, Dividend Yield: 1.91% ($.75)

Bristol Myers Squibb Co. (BMY): Bristol Myers Squibb is a well-known manufacture and distributer of Biopharmaceutical products. Founded in 1933, they are leaders in innovation in their respected field. Management styles and balance sheets, along with their persistence in outreaching for new products and plans is worth viewing. A high market cap of 142 Billion, they are constantly on the rise. Taking yourself away from buying only news, check out the P/E ratio, the outstanding shares against cash flow, and their hefty dividend. Companies like this check off every wish for a long-term holding.

Stock Price: $62.26/share, 5 Year Return: 5.7%, Dividend Yield: 2.90% ($1.80)

A quality reminder that within the market, opposite is key. For once you can go against the green, and seeing red is a great day. How do we determine risk? I incline you to check out the strategies billionaire investor Philip Fisher came to find and inherit. With these resources readily available, time is now of the essence. Building a portfolio of growth and value investing, removing your emotion, and making your process of research is where you can find some success. What is stopping you today?

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Stock Returns: Which Ones Upheld?

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In a general approach, the stock market is devious to many. If you select to understand and not undermine the actual company, your returns will leave you smiling. True, falls and losses come with it. Gearing yourself up for that, there are some keen ways of selecting who you invest in. More time is needed for discovery, research, and volatility. Below are the FY results of some of my own well-deserved smaller companies, and some long-term stocks.

Growing Companies With Proven Returns

Aphria (APHA): Aphria is a Canandian-based cannibas company, with who the election played a huge role in its recent jumps. Aphria is a company working under the Provisions of the Cannabis Act, with a market cap of 1.83B. The play here for me is their involvement in Insider Activity, the scale of the business, and they are always actively keeping their eyes open for improvement. Last month alone they acquired Sweetwater Brewery Company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Moving into the US with this, plus the recent shift in state laws, watch out for this one.

Yearly Gain: 26.08%, Stock Price Currently: $6.35/share, Market Cap: 1.83 Billion

AgEagle Aerial Systems (UAVS): AgEagle Aerial Systems is a Kansas-based company hauling from the drone sector. AgEagle is a tad bit different, participating in the agriculture side of it. Inking a deal with the drone delivery system partner Illinois native, Valqari, big splashes have been made as to where they head next. As it is possible an Amazon or Target could gobble them up for delivery services, this stock to me has sustainability for its niche in the agricultural sector. Oh, and if you do not like long-term debt, do not worry. They have none.

1st Purchase Gain: 10% (438% yearly gain) Stock Price Currently: $2.93/share, Market Cap: 167.56 Million

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH): Norwegian Cruise Lines are one of the most sound financial advisors I have seen. Throughout this pandemic and their shutdown, they managed to cut their losses pretty well, and are continuing the push. Ina few years this will move towards a larger holding for me, certainly. Higher level management seems to be different with this company, take a good look at the balance and income sheets. Vaccine news helps short term as well.

1st Purchase Gain: 18.82%, Stock Price Currently: $20.79/share, Market Cap: 5.72 Billion

Long-Term Holdings With Proven Returns

Sony (SNE): Sony is a company of great lengths. To me, niche for them entails the music area, even rolling into the self-driving cars in Japan. But, we all know it it the PS5. Time and time again they reproduce, profit, and do it all over again. Making moves within their strengths, I see this stock valued at the top of my list. Being Xbox’s main competitor, they have more to offer, with not just products. Huge upside, still, in my opinion.

1st Purchase Gain: 12.89%, Stock Price Currently $89.77/share, Market Cap: 110.93 Billion

Truist Financial Corporation (TFC): Truist is a little bit of a shock here for me, too. Insider activity and corporate actions are key here. This company sets others aside with its employee and community involvement. Their inside investments, money handling, and history ring bells. It seems that Truist keeps adjusting and setting themselves apart from their field. With the acquisition of SunTrust, I see big plans and constant dividends in the future.

1st Purchase Gain: 16.04%, Stock Price Currently $46.79/share, Market Cap: 63.09 Billion

Apple (AAPL): Apple finishes out the list based on research and experience. Apple remains the highest market cap, leaders in innovation, and unique corporate endeavors. Time and time again they prove fit to be on the list. Admittingly so, I bought in very high at the split with Tesla, and after working my average price down, I am still on the losing end. With Christmas ahead, I see this return bouncing back and bouncing big in the future. Definitely not giving up on this one.

1st Purchase Gain: -2.89%, Stock Price Currently $115/share, 1.97 Trillion

In closing, a positive reminder that you do not need 100k to be successful at common stock. Diligent research, emotionless conviction, and time is your friend. Check out those balance sheets, P/E ratios, along with debt and insider activity. If you are at misunderstanding on those terms, this week I will include some step by step to help you understand and locate the widgets. Do you have any that have been gold to you this year?

Approach: Reduce Stress Daily

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Human stress…Killer, right? Well, yes, it ruthlessly confines 120,000 deaths a year. To a point I get it, don’t you? Us humans have an innate provision to let self-doubt enter with no premise. Do you deal with the everyday work struggles and stress? If the answer is no, let me borrow that plan? Take a look at a systematically equipped foundation I have centered around a way to reduce that stress.

Action. Action plan to be exact. In order to be the most efficient and effective do-er, your mind actually has to steer clear. With most stress or anxiety, it tends to linger around all day. Enhanced “In- trays,” and “ticker,” folders with definite actions in that moment is the step towards subduing this. Each time one of those moments breaks into your psyche, is your mind totally clear? Nope. Figure out where to put this thought, if it is seconds, plan your action NOW. What is a couple seconds of your time? Try it with deleting emails instead of letting them sit, or a text you’ve been wanting to send. Do it next time immediately, then ask yourself if you feel clear. Most likely, you feel exceptional.

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Running along further, precedent issues cause cloudiness, especially so if we are trying to focus on something else. Step two would to align your folders for what is on your mind in time ordinances. Something that takes minimal, in-tray folder. Maybe something a little more lengthy that takes more effort and time, ticker folder. Each time something from these folders pop up, stop to coordinate, then make your plan of action, and visit it according to your goals or if you have completed it. With this process, you will start to feel a rush after you finf yourself moving around your tasks, with minimal stress.

Think it is bologna? Try it. If today you haven’t tried any of these, why have your eyes left the screen? To change, to enhance, it takes calculated effort. Whatever it takes, moving forward with the cleanse of new learnings. Stress and anxiety can not only slow you, but crush you slowly. Jump ahead! Is there a way you tend to find relief that could prove beneficial to someone else? Please share your story! Hopeful of the future, I hope you are too.

Stocks and Income: It Can Be!

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Contrary to your viewpoint presently, I do not and will not pretend to know this market. The national average return for stocks are 10%. That is great, huh? How about 20-30%? Great advances in technology has made it beyond attainable to set up a pretty well enhanced life. Where does one start and finish? Take a look at some tips and tricks for your first year.

Escaping your emotions, drown them. The market does not hold back the slightest when we prosper without cause. Homework, research is the better word, is the, “market.” Surging sectors, hot industries, are normally the trends that tends to be followed, but what about the floor they do not build on their way down. How do you start in common stock? Invest in companies, not the market. Spend the first week researching, not buying. Well, you could, unless you want to end up like me and lose 39%…

Yes, losing money will happen. Mistakes, fluctuations are daily in this field, get use to it! Checking cash and debt, stalwarts or fast-growers, you have to be aware of the dangers within a company. Knowingly invested in a company and the backend processes is even better. The more you know, the more you know the signals within the business. With your emotions subsided, what do you see?

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Find the niche. What makes a company unique? Do they have a story? Complex fact finding on that story monthly is something I have introduced and it has proved beneficial. Seeing if they are buying back shares, if the P/E ratio is moving, all are things to keep an eye on. Overwhelming times causes for overwhelming reactions. Downplay that feeling and research for a couple days. If you pick right, it doesn’t matter as much about exactly when, right? Of course we want that average price paid to be lower, but your belief in fundamentals should leave no emotional conflict.

Get started! By staying on the news of your issues, it will force you into other subjects and sectors. How wonderful, huh? There are all kinds of way to free up capital once you get started, so keep moving. I stay on weekly watchlist hunts of my own, and will update accordingly. Below I will attach the apps I use, and their strengths! Feel free to email or comment if you want to get started today! All platforms are fully accessible and free to use.

Adlerian Psychology: How One Progresses

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Adlerian Psychology is a holistic approach to methods instilled in many today. Behavioral studies coordinate the overall transgression of this approach. A leading factor consists primarily on Responsibility, Freedom, Contribution, Community Feeling, Cooperation, Creative Power, and Equality. Each of these hold a significant value in the prospect of change. Such psychology theorizes the actual perception to change, or influence one’s current mind. With this understanding, help shape your life accordingly, bringing upon a life with much more positive outlooks, many of them monetary.

So, what is step one? It is easy to read something and talk, but much more challenging to code this essence. To attain and practice, you must first understand. It involves not only Human Relationships, but respecting one as your own. Respects regarding their being, if you were them, and how you can control your being and self-reliance moving forward. Do you achieve this feat? Is this an area of opportunity?

Customary to society today, you could say that people envy. Many see money made a certain way, they try it, and if they fail, ultimately they find something to negatively compromise that defeat. This normally confines to jealousy. Tell me, have you seen this? One way to help eliminate this task, is to breathe. Put yourself in a position to not understand them, what they have been through, lastly but not the least of importance, what would you do if succumb to the same pressures. Your answers will often times leave you with questions. Ask.

Fundamentals of Adlerian psychology: Alfred Adler, Rudolf R. Dreikurs:  9780918560087: Amazon.com: Books

Putting yourself aside, viewing all those you come in contact with with respect, that itself will provide substantial change. For you will not only find it in your heart, but your attitude. Seeing change will do what? Bread more change. Stepping inside your uncomfortable problematic issues will prove vital. I challenge you to take a look at some of the key points of this psychology, then do not subdue them. Take a step and simply try to understand. Give yourself a chance to learn and grow, others will soon appreciate that, too.

I leave you with a challenge. With an undermining issue at hand. This is your first step in understanding yourself! How you move, work, and view things. The mirror is undoubtedly your best friend, so make sure to be acquainted. Adlerian Psychology will bridge the gaps you feel in society type friendships, work, relationship, whatever is presumed as a faulty substances in your life. Be strong enough to stand up to yourself, you owe yourself that.

Emotion & Voting: We Are All Humans

Do not set your sight for a, “Who ya got?” type of post here. Formalities call for togetherness. Americanism runs on Human Relationships. Negativity arouses from conjoining of the wrong meanings or interpretations. Let’s move towards a place of solitude, and magnitude….To challenge and prosper….Together.

On a little different topic, it magnifies the problems we do face. Democratic or Republican, once one is selected, do you just give up? Your rights, your speech, your ideas? Take a look at that for a second. We are basing our impressions off of a party one has inherited. Hmmmm…Sounds ideal, huh? Moving forward, comradely speaking, we can still challenge and work with someone from another side. It is still a side you can believe in.

This election has opened my eyes to the reality of hate, division, and even pure violence. For us to look at someone as equal, we seek that they are human? Does either candidate have families? A car? House? Treat them that way. Although you may not agree, that means we should make memes and bash, right? Wrong.

Visions of a better world, light, and progress, let’s work together. Take a stance of putting yourself along side them, in their shoes, and it’s called respect. Hassling causes frustration, frustration causes clouded judgment. Imagine being on a national stage and having to get everything right, tough place. I know you’re supposed to be, “Built for it,” or “ They put themselves in this spot.” But, really? Take a leap at it and I wish you the best.

Positivity seeks growth. It is infections. It keeps growing and it engulfs you. Don’t let the spirit of competition set you aside from seeing both sides. Set examples for the ones to come behind us. Seeing the hate, it brings out something we have an opportunity to learn from, and get better at. Why have a president if no one is ever involved? Why even bother if we don’t believe or listen? Take action, you, your wife, kids, parents, they all depend on it. Change the way we vote and see one another. Even if it’s stressful!

Betting On Yourself: What It Takes

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Seeing the greatness evolve around us is so uplifting. It shares their beauty and complex solutions. Everywhere we look there arises new ideas and innovations outlasting our prior thoughts and precedents. Leaving that world, now comes the inheritance of using yourself to think and move towards grasping and visualizing that you can do it too. Acquiring a mindset fueled with confidence and humility will guide you along while you search. Take a look at some starters to initialize seeing yourself as an achiever.

Since we can remember, it feels like in everything we do, it is a contest. Competition, great competition, it does bread greatness. But, do we sometimes fall victim to setting our standards of who we are, on a game? Or just one test? So, you’re inclined to present that one result sets up my life and how I am as a being? False. The term of being smart or not accordingly proceeds. Instead, turn your sight on you, what makes you smile, and know that throughout this score or result, you learned or talked about so many desirable things. Your effort, day in and day out, look what it takes to step up and do that. Your preparation, was your result beneficiary from that? If not, the head lands on simply taking some more time, or working on things you now learned needs improvement. How do you feel now?

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Taking a step forward in the process, how does that last paragraph resonate with your life? The leading factor to your ability to seek confidence, mindset and experience. Repetition, putting yourself in those uncomfortable situations, cast a whole new light. Falling victim to all the social media people, the rich, the cars, jewelry, that is easy to get caught up in. Imagine creating your way, your mindset and morals at the core, leading a positive life, helping others and knowing you can, into monetary equivalent’s. That in itself is a way to motivate yourself, and reaching out to facilitate your thoughts of, ” No way I can do that.”

Coinciding mindset with money, absolutely 100% feasible. It does not happen with daily reassurance, practice, and apprenticeship. Learning and researching from those around you, it is huge! Believing in yourself and staying on top of your personal assessment, that will always follow in line with your purpose. From experience, implementing these tasks, these lifestyle shifts, has proven more than successful. Change your light, lead your own direction. Capture an idea or experience today. Move and learn, lead and help.

Friday Remnants: Jump Start Your Weekend

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Friday! Who doesn’t love the sound of that? Turns out that with some, days are moreover, opportunities. To seek a life full of flamboyant flowers or steel machinery. Whatever the case, what it takes is commitment. Influencing your subconscious is a mere game to some. So, commit to it. Dedicating your mind and thoughts to a better life might seem odd, but trust in yourself to follow. Your Definite Purpose, you’ve got to have one. Taking a look now at some helpful tips to kick off your weekend, and how to make every day mirror today!

The common misconception is that this is something that happens fast. Although, this sort of thing will start to show its power early, stay on track. Coming into a weekend starts with you! Smile, say yes, roll with what seems to try and bring you down. Helpful to me is carrying something I love around with me, it fits in when it goes south, open or look at whatever that is to get a grip. Sounds whack now, but try it.

Most would say they have no problems with weekends and blah. Now with Covid, is that generalized? Is everyone kinda on edge and staying in? Of course. I am sure some would lie and say they haven’t thought much about who they are and what their purpose is in this massive world. Take time out of your busy day to regroup and reset. Taking only a short moment, it has brought many back to life, even catapulting them forward for a couple hours. Before you act or reply, say all the things you’re thinking of and do not let it sit. Writing or speaking, does not matter. Follow that up with an object, or whatever it is, that sends you home, spend 10 seconds with that. Now, reply.

Whatever it is you are seeking, be a great one. Help someone today. Connect and ask someone how they got where they are. Stop and make a difference. Ask yourself honest questions, with truthful replies. Question not those who think differently, but no one at all. Question to learn. Retract that negativity for just one second, push some light into these spaces and watch it shine. It turns not only the way you view people, but it changes you. With keen persistence, you will notice that these split second reactions, turn slowly into a way of life. Push forward, even slowly, without ever stopping.

Monday Reservations: Your Own Dialogue

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Monday! Excitement fixates in our brain for every day other than this one. What to change that? Complacency shifts direction into a sort-of negative approach to the start of every week. Why? Isn’t the beginning of the week your chance to gobble up as much information you can? A new idea or a new motive? Enhancing your skills and remaining engaged slings new opportunities your way. Wake up Monday with a different aspiration level. See Monday as a cash cow, monetarily speaking, and a little further. Monetary acquirements aren’t the only thing that makes us rich. Take a look at some ways we can push our Monday attitudes to a ” Friday,” one.

Desire is attained by personal motives and experiences. What pulls you, motivates you, keeps you on your toes? That thought you have, keep it. Are you proactively growing in this subject? Each day, do you find a deeper meaning within your love? Then chase it! Monday is the perfect day to learn something, people have been around others all weekend, you tend to hear more stories, no? Use this time! Questions maintain your biggest asset. Find out how someone thinks, or views it, then analyze. Grasping the other concept will correlate to ideas. Trust yourself.

Finding yourself is hard. We all know it to be tough, but change makes progress. Revolving your life around an aroma of confidence, is huge. Not cocky, but confident, in your ability to listen and absorb. Being real with if you truly listen is a an awesome characteristic. Evolving to someone in higher regard, is a constant look at your good and not-so, happy and eh, balancing and moving with learning, not failure. Happiness to finally understand, that is way better than dwelling till tomorrow. Don’t you think so? Sunday nights can now become powerful.

Work stress is a leader in the US, no denying that. What if you brought a view and different prospective to the way you react? Seeing a mess up, as a inadequate amount of time to learn. Maybe you didn’t demonstrate thoroughly, or they had a different learning style. Walking into something positive, even in rough times, breads more positivity. Want to change your work environment? Bring your energy, it requires effort. Live, breathe, see opportunities. Allowing yourself a chance for assessment and dialogue will provide answers regarding your Monday’s. Never understanding the root, never know the problem, stand still.

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com

The biggest helpful tip from my experience is to relate it to things I truly enjoy. The it in this is our struggle for Monday motivation. Whatever it is, you can change it. Seemingly enough, you can and will see a change. Vocabulary and growth-mindsets. Start with a way to redirect your high emotions within the workplace. How you handle things, enables a reaction, so choose how you want to be reacted to, talked to, and how you learn. Everyone is different, always have that placed somewhere. No one is bigger and better, just a little more polished. Monday is your chance to learn and dissect. Start with your way to work, see a new sign? Research that company. Bet you learned something on the search. Move today to create a better tomorrow. Monday establishes its presence all throughout Sunday. Actively listen and pursue, write down and go over your plan. Each month assess how those Monday moments felt, then construct what worked and didn’t! What a beneficial way to learn! Free hand experience.