Life of Sports: The Aftermath

Sports, ahhhhh sports! America’s breath, am I right? For most, my old self included, saw nothing but sports. Hi! My name is Cody and I recently took it upon myself to change. Not just what I did, what I ate, but moreover, how I thought. Recovering from an addictive past, I decided I was no longer sleeping in my car. I dove into learning, putting all my rambling thoughts into action. I’ve always been a thinker—why?

I used to believe I had no control of what was going on around me. I felt like it was either moving sooooooo fast, or the opposite. Stuck, I cried many nights. Have you felt this way? Do you still? When something bad happens, failure, does it seem to pile? My mission is to tackle these things head on. I have, and will some substantial success. Take this for a try. Write down a goal and repeat it to yourself daily, with no interruptions. Belief is the strongest desire, you HAVE to believe it when you say it aloud. We will not fail, I will not fail. The first step is our minds. Connecting with our mind and thoughts, using our senses, and driving positivity to our minds.

This blog is intended to help you find your why, learn beyond what you imagine, and share your success. Too many times we as humans wait. This is mainly caused by what? Fear. Failure drives success to new highs every single day. Weekly blogs with contain informative studies on research of how to save, how to invest, and how to own your mind. Young people, they are our future! It starts with education, freeing their minds, letting them research and develop, its crucial. If we teach and scale this further to reach masses, the impact is worth than my words now. Go ahead, you will see.

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