Importance of Diversification

The title says it all. Struck back by my lack of, I had to learn quick. This isn’t only in terms of investments or jobs. This, matter of fact, applies to almost everything. You can find it in the depths of every business venture, too. In my case, I found it oddly entertaining that mine was in my imagination. Yes, my imagination. This is where I learned to mask up enough nerve to start diversifying.

I never saw myself as someone doing anything like this. I never thought of myself as truly being able to attain a high level position. I found myself stumbling through endless mistakes for years. My old fixed-mindset would not me see past tomorrow. Everyday was about yesterday, what I was good at. Soon enough, if I didn’t wanna hear it, I didn’t.

Of course, I lost everything in this mindset. It wasn’t until I decided I could be down no longer. What started it? Diversity! Having a positive, strong, wise group around you is absolutely essential. Being a sponge and not afraid to listen and note. It didn’t stop there. I found I started wanting to work with so many different people. Meet, pick their minds, what made them successfully.

In Grant Sabatier’s, “Financial Freedom,” he discusses starting new conversation and asking about what got them to where they are. He does it weekly I believe. For me, I had to start wayyyyy slower. Also not in person. My weakness, see?

I sucked it up and started, my goodness I am glad I did. Not only do you learn about different businesses, you learn what drives them. You see what is put in by all of them, along with their group of mentors. They all have one thing in common, can you guess?

Yes, it’s Diversification. They all have groups of people they look up to, and who play a vital role in their development to this day. Start with a 15-30 minute phone conversation with someone new one to two times a week. Not the same person, one you view as successful, and take notes. Compare these notes along the way and find the similarities. Tell me what you find, and diversify. Start with reaching out to an old boss, or a business owning uncle. Share your connections!


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