Monday Inspiration: Finding Your Way

Ever since we can remember we have honestly all dreaded one day. I used to, and I know you did too. It’s easy to attach ourselves to something that comes after fun. Natural enough in itself, so are we! We have the ability to make any day a day of excitement. Yes, Monday’s can be exciting. No matter how much work, errands, or time, we can make any day our own. Typically speaking, Mondays are our excel days! While every one is dreading, you’re striving! Let’s take a look at some tips to make Monday your best day.

Start with the morning routine. Give yourself an extra 10 minutes on your alarm clock. As soon as the alarm sounds, don’t sit. Action! This is so crucial in the steps of a routine, or any early morning. Find the goals to repeat, pray, mediation, etc… The more you believe and do, you will find yourself itching to get the day started! It works.

Now, for all you “absolutely not!” ones, I hope one day you start. Try it, watch it change the way you view the day. Consistency is your best friend. Value your dependency on yourself. Cruise mode will land you on a raft in the ocean.

In the light of things, anyone is capable! Attain and Obtain, you can use the definitions how you please. To me, obtain and attain, opposites. Attain is to the level of achievement. Take these words and push them along, with Desire and urgency. There is no place to fail any longer!

Use your morning as YOUR time. As you develop your routine, you will find yourself ahead. Take your time to check your bank statements, investments, side-hustles, whatever it may be. The way it works is through your absolute will.

In closing, my real suggestion would to be to get started. Somewhere, truly does not matter where. The more we delay, the more we lose out. Take Compound Investing for example! Can you imagine starting at 20 instead of 40?! We get accustomed to things that make us feel comfortable, but this limits us. If you feel the everyday pressure of not knowing if you’re in the right place, job, home, whatever, start here. Make today your best day! Share some current or past experiences of how you catapulted your Monday’s!

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