Prioritizing Me

I’ll save you the hardship of reading something hard to comprehend with this blog.

You come first. Yes, once you do for others and move your life around that you will see many more blessings. First though, you have to find your meaning. We have went over some of that in some earlier posts, (check em out!) This is intended to push you past the No, and drafting a plan to start prioritizing you, so we can pass it on to others.

There are mindsets that hold us back, even in the smallest of things. Burying our true self for others, constantly doing what someone else finds appealing, sound like you? It can happen to anyone. Prioritizing will humble you. Once again find that damn sheet of notebook paper and write some of this down.

1. Am I doing things for me or for the view of someone else? Moreover, do you constantly ask someone else what you would do? Anything like that, rate it 1/10, then research online a starting place of ways to provide you a solution. Mindset and will is key.

2. Does my vocabulary tend to sway to, “I think,” “Well, maybe,” “I don’t think I?” Oh, I forgot, my person favorite, “it’s impossible!” If you do, write down what you say the most and study it. Each day, whatever time you choose, spend a couple minutes training using the words like, “ I can,” and “when I!” Although you may see cheesy, anyone who hasn’t gotten it right to this point let me ask you something. Have you tried?

You may think no way, no how. That is the most beautiful part about it. Not everyone is supposed to know these ways, until they reach a point where it becomes essential. Nothing but, sorta thing. Do not get hung up on short-term, fast, growth. Simply take your steps and work on your delivery, consistency, and will power.

Bring yourself up to a position where you see yourself. Hell, it could be something everyone would never see. Even better. Envision yourself on your happiest day, is that where you are? Surround yourself with people who challenge your mind, challenge your own priorities for the better, and show you new highs. Stay connected, stay true.

You connect with someone new yet? I won’t forget. Expect this at the end and let it slowly place itself on your shelf of importance. Prioritizing can mean something completely different than you, but it all matters the same. Get to it!


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