Handling Opportunities or Failures

I often use to spiral. I would find something that broke me down, add onto it, and make a spool of things unwind. It is up to you. It starts with a choice as soon as you rise. Do you want to be complacent? After all, you find time to value the things you care about. Grow them, embrace your challenge, and realize there will be a change.

Changing my failures into ways of movement was a huge opportunity for me. I was always an emotional kid, ( for no reason lol) so I had to buckle in on this one even more.

Now, this is one area that also will not come easy. Consistent evolving in the way you handle that slap in the face. Through time I have learned to let it sit with me. Truly feel that emotion, no matter the frustration, you have to learn what that feels like. After that, once your mindset of I will comes into place, it will start to move you.

If you’re looking to change the way you view failure, start with making it an opportunity. The times I have failed, I have learned the most. Attained the information to propel me forward. Not trying isn’t cool. The wanting to not learn, or be cool, smart people are nerds whole thing, scrap it. Weak minded, but can always get better.

Of course, how? I do a 10 second pause, then I start to brief. If it is too quick, I let myself feel it a little more. Get up and look in the mirror after you face your opportunity. Know that someone out there did do it better, what comes to mind?

Study them. Ask them a million questions. I do it constantly! Even if they get slightly tired of it, you’ll see it start to shift you. Not only will you learn from these opportunities way different, you start to view failures through a total different lens.

Don’t believe me? Read up on any promising business. Get their CEO, Board members, and read up on interviews. They embrace failure. Project X, there company CEO has giving bonuses even if they worked on things for a year and didn’t succeed. Why? Simple! Not once did they let themselves sink. Along the way they found out multiple other things they have never known! Their CEO believes in this mindset and way of life. Do you? Share some things you think could help someone today.

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