Willing Your Way Through Hardships: Pun Intended

There can be a solution to how you feel. Your success and happiness is your makeup. I mean, correct me if I am wrong? Look, there is no easy way to anything worth striving for. If your mind is stuck on all those finer things, chase those inspiration.

You will find that when you select to move on things you care about, it isn’t work. I have said this before, and it’s an amazing thing to experience. Move ahead with your failures, once you fail you will see that it was a learning growth experience. Failure, not so!

I started this stuff for example, not a clue how to put out what I had learned. I put up some things and attempted to sell it as well, absolute failure. I spent $96 to start it, nothing. I could have used that to not even look at again. Instead, I wrote another blog right there and opened a new tab to research what to do, how to improve.

Over time I have came to see that I perform best right after I get put back. I find a sense of motivation and drive that I truly cannot contain. I bounce off the walls from the enjoyment of learning. Why wouldn’t we? Look at all the things to learn right at our fingertips.

It starts with one day. One second! To let go and say, “ You know what, no, I will overcome this. No longer will I take defeat in this way.” The changes once you propel into action can be so uplifting.

So, enlighten me. Have you found a way that works for you? When did you notice the shift? How do you view failures now?


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