Common Action Killers—No More!

What is worse than working your tail off to fail at that goal? Not much. It’s true, and that triggers a sense of resentment upon that subject, whatever it may be. Resorting back to earlier, it can be changed. There are a few factors to discuss to put you in a position to prevail against these movement killers.

Lovely test scores, job scores, all that. Ever since we can remember we have been taking tests. Throughout time we develop a relationship to actions, failures, and success. Over that span, if we see patterns, we tend to stop. We find excuses to why the test failed us. Crap. I truly was a victim of this, big time.

It took me to stand in the mirror and ask myself true question. For once, I blamed me, and I was rightfully pleased. Aha! That day was my, “aha” moment. Let me direct you to something to help you better understand.

Next time you are faced with hardship(a problem you seem to not understand), keen in on that question. Read it 3 times over before you answer. Though it may not seem like much, this little step can help transform how you view a problem.

It boils over to your everyday life! Patience evolves, but not without action. Learn slowly, yes slowly, to change how you view yourself in that failing position. Do you like it? Of course not! So fix it.

Leaving it up to your own being to control what you put into action will only serve you blessings. Take the time to figure you out. Have you been taking outs? Are there jobs you could have but are afraid of the test? It is with anything.

I’ll leave you with some smiley motivation in the face of a frowning time. It isn’t bad now, it’s a opportunity! To come together and fight together. Learn and observe, baby. Sponge all the knowledge and accept all the views. Roll with that punch, turn it into two of your own.

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