Exercise and Minds: Truly Productive

Feeding your mind, fueling your body, it all seems a bit over the top sometimes. It’s not. I have seen it transform people not only physically, but the change mentally can be staggering. Take a look at some of the challenges and benefits connected with exercise.

Let’s start with the most obvious one, our bodies. We all want abs and muscles, but rarely do we want to spend the 4-6 days a week in the gym. I started using the gym as my relief center. I learned that once I committed to my, “relief center” it started becoming fun. Yes, you heard that right, fun.

It makes us feel good, our energy levels start to rise, and we have a sense of new confidence. Be careful. This is one of the most difficult things to grasp, because it will challenge you. You become obsessed, which can be good!

It becomes unhealthy when we can’t stop going, right? Relief center to take away the stress. Relief center to make us healthy. Relief center to track our progress, how much we go, and where we value what we eat. I see too much pressure up front, then we tail off at the end. Apply that pressure, but follow it up with dialed in pressure. You will slip! You will fall! Slow progress is key, just don’t stop.

Stopping and starting, don’t get me started. If you pay, go. If it happens to stick in your mind, go. If you tend to be a little edgy, go. Once you view this gym a different way, your motivation takes over. Now, enough of the gym rat stuff, let’s get in the benefits it has for your mind.

Clear thinking, extra push at the end, and the euphoria after a solid lift is what to expect. Want to take it even further? Put yourself in front of, “mind foods.” Electrolytes, solid protein, a ton of options to come in further posts. Once we find a stable Energy Foundation*, it will prove its affects.

Where do I start though? Running or weights? I do both! I recommend going by yourself and taking a plan you can follow online. If you are a brand new, start at a boxing class, or a simple run. Early morning runs outside with things to look at is a great start.

Would you like to hear more on these topics? Meal plans, exercise plans, mental makeup, it is all to come. Share how you get motivated! Feel incline to let us know how you feel, or how your mind has benefited from any of this!


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