Starting Back: The Routine Recipe

Covid, we know it has had a massive impact on our society. It has taken families, jobs, and even companies. It has also taken self-confidence in the highest regard. One thing is for certain, getting back isn’t easy. Taking a look on how to get some momentum towards exercise freedom, let’s do it.

  • What are your goals?
  • Are you a morning or night person?
  • Do you have confidence going back, or the opposite?

What are your goals? In regards to your fitness goals, where were you before covid? Okay, scratch it, throw it away. Completely! Now is our time to go back to learning! Form and gaining broadened knowledge commitments are amazing in this subject. So, start over. Write some new goals, ones you see truly benefit your situation, and remember, yours!

The second question is for you to jumpstart your activity. Whenever you feel the best, that is when you attack it. For me, early morning, as soon as my eyes open, feet on the floor and it’s my most valued time. If you are either one, try this. It will be the best mental toughness check of the day. You can and will when you try. Use this phrasing throughout, watch it work it’s magic!

Confidence, this one was tough when I started back. If you’re like me, I wanted to put it off, find a time it wasn’t busy. Why? They saw me how I was then, what will they think now? Garbage! There is no good or bad, strong or weak, only what we learn and can extend to others. They are learning how to greet and check you in again, too! Press on, dive in, move. Confidence and will is so big in exercise, start phrasing and pushing toward, I will.

How has your journey changed? Is the mask mandate making an excuse for you? We know we can make up a million excuses to not go, but the feeling once we are done cannot be matched. You will go in and see a difference in yourself, especially mentally. The more we move towards our fears, the closer we are to facing them. Once this happens, we will move ourselves to great leaps and bounds. Share some insight today!

Always remember…Slow steps will create, stopping never knew.


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