Power of Women: What Most Neglect

Zainab Salbi, founder of Women For Women International

First, we cannot go further without the explanation of the title. It is sickening what I have heard/hear on the impact of women in our lives. The fact that we have women CEO making change and still being denounced is beyond me. So, let’s take a look at Zainab Salbi for example.

Zainab Salbi is an Iraqian-American founder, rights activists, author, and many more. She founded Women for Women, who provides care and resources for women affected by the war. Her goal for these woman is the pr ovide them with honest care, and move them to economic stability. Salbi has reached over 500,000 women in 8 areas, created over 500 jobs, and over $100 million dollars have helped over 1.7 million families.

At age 51, there is no slowing her down. Her being now consist of traveling the world to document the global problems we face. Her mission, throughout this whole journey, is you.

The common opinion is typically the business man in a $2,000 suit, seated on the board for 20+ years, and all of that. So boring I really didn’t want to go on. No more. Take a look at the history, who proves to honorable, successful, and selfish. Our world has seem small in this regard, missing out on the most prosperous fruits.

Don’t get me wrong, I for a fact know of the great male leaders as well. It seems time to pull the equality card, as it’s been missing for so long. We miss out on new, inventive ways of decision making, conceptual differences for advantages, and a impactful way of learning. The underlying fact, most men hate to see it. Once we move to the direction of accepting, seeking knowledge at every encounter, and ending the damaging ways that keep going. Face it, mean it, conquer it.

Take Zainab Salbi, let it push you. I know that her life has shown made me view mine differently. Seeking a right or wrong is no more, moreover, what did I learn? What can I teach? Salbi is the perfect example of Philanthropy and its continuous impact on us. Do some googling and check her out, you won’t regret it. Do you have anyone in this role or type of work? What have you learned from them? Share some comments!


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