View Of Learning—Can We Change It?

Our brains are so interesting, don’t you think? The mere thought of it is staggering. Though, have you ever thought back when you were young and thought about your learning habits. At home, how were you praised? Effort or ability? Let’s take a quick look at some research regarding the reception styles that are absorbed while we are growing up, using a mindset technique.

Fixed and Growth mindsets aren’t too far apart. How? Think about it. The only thing that separates the two are initial thoughts, and then to the reaction sense. Studies shows that parents can often incorporate fixed mindsets from praise. All the time you hear, “ Children need praised,” “Why are kids these days always thinking they need a trophy?” When we are in a event setting with win or lose, fixed and growth mindsets learn totally different. Changing our approach from, “You’re the smartest!” “You are a natural!” to, “Wow, the (event) truly resembles the work you put into that, did you learn anything from that experience?”

Becoming true to the fact that minds and people can change is the first step. I was involved directly in the fixed mindset, everyday I find myself repeating growth mindset phrases to myself. As you teach and learn, you receive everyone in a new, different way. You connect better, you view their opinions as learning chances, and you take risks. You view your life as a process, not a set in stone element.

How can we pass this on? Simply try it. Start on your own, ask someone if they have heard of this. Make it a point when you wake up to just change one sentence—to yourself. Try it and then reflect. It will slowly move its way. Treat it as if it is important, because it is. Never leave a doubt in your words, it starts with that belief in yourself.

Once you conquer that, now move onto your first encounter. Plan your spot to learn from that experience, let that excite the conversation. Commonality always works! Once you feel confident asking new questions with someone pertaining to this, start to enroll it. As many of you know, throughout the first process, you will most certainly start to value others and how they work.

Beyond learning, it grounds us. Once we develop a community of growth-minded people, that is when more and more will look into this practice. Fixed and growth, not one of them is bad! Be you, be inspired, eliminate hate. Become who you are and it starts with you and that mindset. Start today.

References: “ mindset: The New Psychology Of Success” By Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.


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