Social Fears: How To Overcome

Take a look back at your last in person conversation. Was it quick or did you learn something about them? Do you find yourself shutting down what you’re thinking/want to say during big spots? We all have had a taste of this. Now, let’s walk through some ways we can enhance our effort towards a different perspective and way.

When you meet someone, what goes through your mind? Do you judge how they look or talk? Or, maybe you’re just too timid and can’t get that far. That was me at times. Closed off to the max, looking for a reason to leave the convo. Let’s put a different outlook at it. I recently took it upon myself that everyday I would talk to a stranger, and ask their name and meet them. The first one, oh my goodness was that terrible. Now, after some time, I learn so much from this! It moves me and it excites me, learning is starting to play its part.

Retrospectively learning is neurons passing from our short-term to long-term memory. We will never progress if we don’t challenge these receptors. Our mind is truly like a muscle, the more you teach it, with true effort, the more it grows. Fear is a big part in why we tend to sit back and wait. Alike brains, fear learns in a similar way. The more you go through your fears and face them, the easier they get, and the more you learn.

I know it seems hard, frightening, and a little lame. But do not kid yourself, you go through this. If you don’t, you see it happen. Face it, and know you’re not labeled because of it. You are valued with your effort. Move yourself to the growth mindset and use those resources around you. One thing to start, write down your real fears, then share them with someone. See if they relate, most times this leads to sharing embarrassing stories with one another. There it is! It doesn’t change after just one encounter though, stick with it.

Viewing something of high value is great, but we all need to see it in ourselves, too. Deep down if you think that an engineers work is so hard that there is no way, there will be no way. If you understand it’s difficult but, like humans, you can grow and learn to understand. This is the first step you could take. It has upheld its power in my world, let’s see about yours.

Do you have any experiences where you’ve thought about this? Maybe you’re already great at it, share your experience!

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