Definite Purpose Driving Change: Organized Thought and Creative Vision

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Organized thought is not necessarily how you place things inside your brain, but how to control those thoughts entering, and how they work. Opinions have traveled throughout society, but exercising our paths of tangent thought consumption has proved to be lacking. Within these next few paragraphs you will see how emotion is a driving force to future achievements of your own thoughts. Creative Vision is the 6th sense, falling along side your imagination.

Becoming proficient on how to own your mind starts in our subconscious minds. Throughout experience and conditioning from the years we stick to what we have learned and come to see. The moment we notice our thoughts are fixed, (or we start to see that we are not where we should be) you will feel the negativity arouse. How do we change that? Guiding your thoughts and your Definite Purpose. Ding Ding! Your will will push you, but your thoughts and actions can take that all away.

Negativity sometimes can swaddle you, actually diminish goals and create like-minds. If you let it. The key to change starts with the recognition that your mindset is not where it needs to be, or your thoughts, vise-versa. Grasping this concept helps you enter a phase of realism within yourself you’ve never seen. Analysis of yourself on a basis is huge. Routines built around Definite Purpose start to become easier to maintain. Your mornings you can’t wait for, burning desire breathes, exhaling positive emotion.

Guiding you further, there is no use in your words or knowledge, without action (Definite Purpose). The most successful people act upon their Creative Vision. It is now, and they focus until attained. This is one of the most overlooked subjects containing to success. For them, it doesn’t feel so much like they are stuck, but they value the experience. Learning from desired effort, valuing others and looking up to them, as well as recognizing it does not make or break you are keys in opening up these thought contexts. Moving and not stopping.

In conclusion, I see many different avenues. Growth will never suppress with Definite Action. Points given about are to show that everyone has to learn and grow. The “natural,” term is falsely advertised in most cases. One takes control of their Organized Thought and Definite Purpose early, causing them to stay ahead. Move and stay moving, Definitive Purpose, Organized Thought, Persistent Will. Follow and teach, guide and listen. There is no such thing as something for nothing. Start now!

References: How to own your own mind- Napoleon Hill


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