Taking Human Relationships Further— Directional Shift

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Getting straight to the point, no makeup, no introduction. Why? Society has thrown this topic under, fueling judgment. Judgment to be yourself, to control who you surround yourself with, and who works hard. Contrary enough, human relations, people who challenge you in the right ways, now that is Americanism. Don’t believe it? Check this out below.

Andrew Carnegie, the huge leader in the steel industry, preaches coming together and putting our undeveloped minds together, to form inevitable advances. The Constitution? Heard of it? Mass majority of it, is working together! Giving freedom to everyone, bringing ideas to others, providing knowledge instead of hiding it. What do you think causes this? Say….maybe…jealousy? Or the fact that everyone wants to be better, or first. In reality, working together brings more of what you’re looking for.

One mind vs two. They have studied and researched the same things. Which one are you taking? Of course I welcome competition, just like you. Not complete destruction, but building and learning from those around us. I take two every time. Do me a favor, right now. Find a person that is close to you that you find yourself always learning new things, or having in depth conversation from a different angle. Run with that and use your voice! Ask questions.

These are the first steps in understand what is out there. This comes from preparation and finding your why. Your purpose, your Definite Major Purpose. I have spoke on that and it always rings bells, loud ones. Have you noticed the pattern? In these posts you will that none of this takes skill. You don’t have to have a 36 ACT score to put this into motion. Why wait? Each day make it a purpose to kindle a friendship. I use relationship, friendship, whatever you want to use. Ask them 1 question each time, and write down the answers, then go and research. Other people’s word simply is not enough, research it as well. Listen precisely to the words, and try to relate it to something you know. In that moment, soak it in with your full intentions. Intuition is your best friend. Start right now!

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