Self-Assessment: Chart Your Path

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The opportunities are there, more than ever. Inevitably, this brings on a new push within society. We see it in schools, the job force, anywhere that we turn. I am not here to say everyone has noticed, but when you do, realize this is our future. The opportunity is the thought of Something for nothing. Self-assessing plays a key role in the developmental stages of our lives. Not only is it important every so often, it is a force in the confidence field. So, how do we self-assess? Moreover…When? Knowingly attached to your conscious and subconscious mind, thoughts lead, with success and learning trailing behind. Below are some answers on how to Self-Assess and the benefits following.

Self-Assessments for me come at times of opportunity. Fear strikes me first, next in line is doubt. My brain follows these patterns, because I conditioned it in those ways. Changing that wasn’t easy, but it didn’t need some master science plan. You will always need to stay refreshed, with adaptability on site everywhere you go. Opportunities, not failures. Learning yourself, finding out new things, will only propel you forward. Start with things you know you need some help with, and also write down your action in halting it. Next, pick it apart. Write what you are willing to do to blow past that opportunity! Mean it, integrity is your best friend here.

Coming from fits of anxiousness, I always view procrastination as my vice. Instead, after a month of not getting where I wanted, I realized my first step was the most important. When it enters, act. How did I figure this out? Monthly assessments of myself. Your goal throughout is to guide you to your skills and hobbies, while constructively breaking down what makes you fall off track. When I think of myself, I don’t know about you, but I never want to stay at a plateau or standing still. Small steps, never stop. What do you have to lose in trying and learning? Besides gaining freedom and impacting the world in your own way.

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Awakening receptors never used is a whole new style to growth. Well, for you and me. The hardest part is sticking to at times, so change it. You are in control, in every position you allow yourself a chance or choice. What are you going to do? Sad, angry, jealous? Take a look at yourself. Be honest and upfront, likely something that might be a little disheartening, but full of returns. Not only can you help yourself, your life, career…You can make a change to others. Gripping with reality, leading and steering, brings immense success. Goals will always help in Self-Assessment, not ever the other way. What a great way to learn, huh? Totally hands on, totally transparent. Learn something about yourself each day! Remember, you are no longer good or bad, with good or bad tendencies! You are now molding into a knowledge seeking, growth-mindset individual. How much better does that sound? Stay infectious.

In concluding my previous passages, I emphasize this role because I have first hand seen the results. Seeing how it changes the way we think and the way we view things alone is staggering. It all comes back to wanting to change, no one will ever do it for you. Attached below I will show an outline of some ways to self-assess, and how to word them. Just a suggestion, always use your own words. Belief, man, you need it! Heart and the love for your own change will prove to the amount you are willing. Study those around you that do something like this, ask what and how they became attached to this method. Every single person has a quality we can view and come to understand. Isn’t that amazing? Believe that or not, I try to foster this idea everywhere I go. When I find myself not connecting or having a big problem reoccur, I go right into my Self-Assessment for that month. I cherish little victories, I cherish true effort. What do you find appealing? Where can you learn next? Especially about yourself.


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    1. codypitt says:

      Thank you. More to follow, always. Hope all is well, fellow blogger.

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      1. Letitgocoach says:

        My pleasure. I like more and always. Life is beautiful and hope it is for you too.


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