Friday Remnants: Jump Start Your Weekend

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Friday! Who doesn’t love the sound of that? Turns out that with some, days are moreover, opportunities. To seek a life full of flamboyant flowers or steel machinery. Whatever the case, what it takes is commitment. Influencing your subconscious is a mere game to some. So, commit to it. Dedicating your mind and thoughts to a better life might seem odd, but trust in yourself to follow. Your Definite Purpose, you’ve got to have one. Taking a look now at some helpful tips to kick off your weekend, and how to make every day mirror today!

The common misconception is that this is something that happens fast. Although, this sort of thing will start to show its power early, stay on track. Coming into a weekend starts with you! Smile, say yes, roll with what seems to try and bring you down. Helpful to me is carrying something I love around with me, it fits in when it goes south, open or look at whatever that is to get a grip. Sounds whack now, but try it.

Most would say they have no problems with weekends and blah. Now with Covid, is that generalized? Is everyone kinda on edge and staying in? Of course. I am sure some would lie and say they haven’t thought much about who they are and what their purpose is in this massive world. Take time out of your busy day to regroup and reset. Taking only a short moment, it has brought many back to life, even catapulting them forward for a couple hours. Before you act or reply, say all the things you’re thinking of and do not let it sit. Writing or speaking, does not matter. Follow that up with an object, or whatever it is, that sends you home, spend 10 seconds with that. Now, reply.

Whatever it is you are seeking, be a great one. Help someone today. Connect and ask someone how they got where they are. Stop and make a difference. Ask yourself honest questions, with truthful replies. Question not those who think differently, but no one at all. Question to learn. Retract that negativity for just one second, push some light into these spaces and watch it shine. It turns not only the way you view people, but it changes you. With keen persistence, you will notice that these split second reactions, turn slowly into a way of life. Push forward, even slowly, without ever stopping.


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