Emotion & Voting: We Are All Humans

Do not set your sight for a, “Who ya got?” type of post here. Formalities call for togetherness. Americanism runs on Human Relationships. Negativity arouses from conjoining of the wrong meanings or interpretations. Let’s move towards a place of solitude, and magnitude….To challenge and prosper….Together.

On a little different topic, it magnifies the problems we do face. Democratic or Republican, once one is selected, do you just give up? Your rights, your speech, your ideas? Take a look at that for a second. We are basing our impressions off of a party one has inherited. Hmmmm…Sounds ideal, huh? Moving forward, comradely speaking, we can still challenge and work with someone from another side. It is still a side you can believe in.

This election has opened my eyes to the reality of hate, division, and even pure violence. For us to look at someone as equal, we seek that they are human? Does either candidate have families? A car? House? Treat them that way. Although you may not agree, that means we should make memes and bash, right? Wrong.

Visions of a better world, light, and progress, let’s work together. Take a stance of putting yourself along side them, in their shoes, and it’s called respect. Hassling causes frustration, frustration causes clouded judgment. Imagine being on a national stage and having to get everything right, tough place. I know you’re supposed to be, “Built for it,” or “ They put themselves in this spot.” But, really? Take a leap at it and I wish you the best.

Positivity seeks growth. It is infections. It keeps growing and it engulfs you. Don’t let the spirit of competition set you aside from seeing both sides. Set examples for the ones to come behind us. Seeing the hate, it brings out something we have an opportunity to learn from, and get better at. Why have a president if no one is ever involved? Why even bother if we don’t believe or listen? Take action, you, your wife, kids, parents, they all depend on it. Change the way we vote and see one another. Even if it’s stressful!


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  1. usfman says:

    Remember the old expression, “it takes two to tango”

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