Stocks and Income: It Can Be!

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Contrary to your viewpoint presently, I do not and will not pretend to know this market. The national average return for stocks are 10%. That is great, huh? How about 20-30%? Great advances in technology has made it beyond attainable to set up a pretty well enhanced life. Where does one start and finish? Take a look at some tips and tricks for your first year.

Escaping your emotions, drown them. The market does not hold back the slightest when we prosper without cause. Homework, research is the better word, is the, “market.” Surging sectors, hot industries, are normally the trends that tends to be followed, but what about the floor they do not build on their way down. How do you start in common stock? Invest in companies, not the market. Spend the first week researching, not buying. Well, you could, unless you want to end up like me and lose 39%…

Yes, losing money will happen. Mistakes, fluctuations are daily in this field, get use to it! Checking cash and debt, stalwarts or fast-growers, you have to be aware of the dangers within a company. Knowingly invested in a company and the backend processes is even better. The more you know, the more you know the signals within the business. With your emotions subsided, what do you see?

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Find the niche. What makes a company unique? Do they have a story? Complex fact finding on that story monthly is something I have introduced and it has proved beneficial. Seeing if they are buying back shares, if the P/E ratio is moving, all are things to keep an eye on. Overwhelming times causes for overwhelming reactions. Downplay that feeling and research for a couple days. If you pick right, it doesn’t matter as much about exactly when, right? Of course we want that average price paid to be lower, but your belief in fundamentals should leave no emotional conflict.

Get started! By staying on the news of your issues, it will force you into other subjects and sectors. How wonderful, huh? There are all kinds of way to free up capital once you get started, so keep moving. I stay on weekly watchlist hunts of my own, and will update accordingly. Below I will attach the apps I use, and their strengths! Feel free to email or comment if you want to get started today! All platforms are fully accessible and free to use.


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