Approach: Reduce Stress Daily

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Human stress…Killer, right? Well, yes, it ruthlessly confines 120,000 deaths a year. To a point I get it, don’t you? Us humans have an innate provision to let self-doubt enter with no premise. Do you deal with the everyday work struggles and stress? If the answer is no, let me borrow that plan? Take a look at a systematically equipped foundation I have centered around a way to reduce that stress.

Action. Action plan to be exact. In order to be the most efficient and effective do-er, your mind actually has to steer clear. With most stress or anxiety, it tends to linger around all day. Enhanced “In- trays,” and “ticker,” folders with definite actions in that moment is the step towards subduing this. Each time one of those moments breaks into your psyche, is your mind totally clear? Nope. Figure out where to put this thought, if it is seconds, plan your action NOW. What is a couple seconds of your time? Try it with deleting emails instead of letting them sit, or a text you’ve been wanting to send. Do it next time immediately, then ask yourself if you feel clear. Most likely, you feel exceptional.

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Running along further, precedent issues cause cloudiness, especially so if we are trying to focus on something else. Step two would to align your folders for what is on your mind in time ordinances. Something that takes minimal, in-tray folder. Maybe something a little more lengthy that takes more effort and time, ticker folder. Each time something from these folders pop up, stop to coordinate, then make your plan of action, and visit it according to your goals or if you have completed it. With this process, you will start to feel a rush after you finf yourself moving around your tasks, with minimal stress.

Think it is bologna? Try it. If today you haven’t tried any of these, why have your eyes left the screen? To change, to enhance, it takes calculated effort. Whatever it takes, moving forward with the cleanse of new learnings. Stress and anxiety can not only slow you, but crush you slowly. Jump ahead! Is there a way you tend to find relief that could prove beneficial to someone else? Please share your story! Hopeful of the future, I hope you are too.


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