Stock Returns: Which Ones Upheld?

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In a general approach, the stock market is devious to many. If you select to understand and not undermine the actual company, your returns will leave you smiling. True, falls and losses come with it. Gearing yourself up for that, there are some keen ways of selecting who you invest in. More time is needed for discovery, research, and volatility. Below are the FY results of some of my own well-deserved smaller companies, and some long-term stocks.

Growing Companies With Proven Returns

Aphria (APHA): Aphria is a Canandian-based cannibas company, with who the election played a huge role in its recent jumps. Aphria is a company working under the Provisions of the Cannabis Act, with a market cap of 1.83B. The play here for me is their involvement in Insider Activity, the scale of the business, and they are always actively keeping their eyes open for improvement. Last month alone they acquired Sweetwater Brewery Company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Moving into the US with this, plus the recent shift in state laws, watch out for this one.

Yearly Gain: 26.08%, Stock Price Currently: $6.35/share, Market Cap: 1.83 Billion

AgEagle Aerial Systems (UAVS): AgEagle Aerial Systems is a Kansas-based company hauling from the drone sector. AgEagle is a tad bit different, participating in the agriculture side of it. Inking a deal with the drone delivery system partner Illinois native, Valqari, big splashes have been made as to where they head next. As it is possible an Amazon or Target could gobble them up for delivery services, this stock to me has sustainability for its niche in the agricultural sector. Oh, and if you do not like long-term debt, do not worry. They have none.

1st Purchase Gain: 10% (438% yearly gain) Stock Price Currently: $2.93/share, Market Cap: 167.56 Million

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH): Norwegian Cruise Lines are one of the most sound financial advisors I have seen. Throughout this pandemic and their shutdown, they managed to cut their losses pretty well, and are continuing the push. Ina few years this will move towards a larger holding for me, certainly. Higher level management seems to be different with this company, take a good look at the balance and income sheets. Vaccine news helps short term as well.

1st Purchase Gain: 18.82%, Stock Price Currently: $20.79/share, Market Cap: 5.72 Billion

Long-Term Holdings With Proven Returns

Sony (SNE): Sony is a company of great lengths. To me, niche for them entails the music area, even rolling into the self-driving cars in Japan. But, we all know it it the PS5. Time and time again they reproduce, profit, and do it all over again. Making moves within their strengths, I see this stock valued at the top of my list. Being Xbox’s main competitor, they have more to offer, with not just products. Huge upside, still, in my opinion.

1st Purchase Gain: 12.89%, Stock Price Currently $89.77/share, Market Cap: 110.93 Billion

Truist Financial Corporation (TFC): Truist is a little bit of a shock here for me, too. Insider activity and corporate actions are key here. This company sets others aside with its employee and community involvement. Their inside investments, money handling, and history ring bells. It seems that Truist keeps adjusting and setting themselves apart from their field. With the acquisition of SunTrust, I see big plans and constant dividends in the future.

1st Purchase Gain: 16.04%, Stock Price Currently $46.79/share, Market Cap: 63.09 Billion

Apple (AAPL): Apple finishes out the list based on research and experience. Apple remains the highest market cap, leaders in innovation, and unique corporate endeavors. Time and time again they prove fit to be on the list. Admittingly so, I bought in very high at the split with Tesla, and after working my average price down, I am still on the losing end. With Christmas ahead, I see this return bouncing back and bouncing big in the future. Definitely not giving up on this one.

1st Purchase Gain: -2.89%, Stock Price Currently $115/share, 1.97 Trillion

In closing, a positive reminder that you do not need 100k to be successful at common stock. Diligent research, emotionless conviction, and time is your friend. Check out those balance sheets, P/E ratios, along with debt and insider activity. If you are at misunderstanding on those terms, this week I will include some step by step to help you understand and locate the widgets. Do you have any that have been gold to you this year?


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  1. Thanks for the advice on stocks. I’ve owned Apple for a while and it’s done quite well.
    Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. Hopefully, we’ll be traveling again soon. Until then, we’re seeing more of what’s near us. And that’s a good thing.

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    1. codypitt says:

      Awesome to connect, and congrats! The market is a tough, beautiful game. Stimulus talks and vaccine help people with risk. The cruise lines (NCLH), down but will blow past their revenue and cash goals. Keep an eye! Thanks so much.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sage advice: keep an eye! I’m hoping for more gains in the market, but then again, I never know when to sell!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. codypitt says:

        Always re-evaluate! You can set limits and stops to have sell off some of the winners, while keeping half as well, if applicable to your situation. Stay at it!

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