Portfolio Icons: Finding Stability

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Picking up where we departed, the market and your companies are set to lose or gain. Preferably, everyone doesn’t want to be presented with a minus symbol in front. Throughout research, the value investors we look to, and some experience, below are some companies that hold some interest. Remember, your emotion and sector riding isn’t the best way per statistics. Take a look below how to decipher through earnings, balance sheets, cash flow, p/e rations, and PSR. Throughout this post we will centralize those companies with great financials and dividends to balance out your portfolio.

Star Group LP (SGU): Star Group LP specializes in the Heating and Air division. Star Group targets residential and commercial customers, also distributing products in the gasoline, diesel, and home heating oil sectors. Running on a delivery based system, they also pay out a $.52 cent dividend. As a long-term hold, this stock gives you consistency as well as paying you for holding. Dividend stocks partnering with commodities or utilities is where you can find your floor. For growth investing, not so much value investing.

Stock Price: $9.74/share, 5 Year Return: 60.5%, Dividend Yield: 5.36% ($.52)

Smith & Nephew (SNN): Smith & Nephew is known for its medical technology and distribution. Manufacturing and marketing are important to their production as well. SNN includes Joint Repair, Advanced Wound Devices, and Knee Replacements. Throughout the broad expansions, SNN continues to grow and facilitate their niche. A solid long-term medical play, the company also pays a $1.038 dividend. You will not see a ton of fluctuation in the overall price, but you will feel it every quarter. Adding stability to your portfolio once again, Smith & Nephew seems to be holding their spot on the list.

Stock Price: $39.36/share, 5 Year Return: 27.9%, Dividend Yield: 1.91% ($.75)

Bristol Myers Squibb Co. (BMY): Bristol Myers Squibb is a well-known manufacture and distributer of Biopharmaceutical products. Founded in 1933, they are leaders in innovation in their respected field. Management styles and balance sheets, along with their persistence in outreaching for new products and plans is worth viewing. A high market cap of 142 Billion, they are constantly on the rise. Taking yourself away from buying only news, check out the P/E ratio, the outstanding shares against cash flow, and their hefty dividend. Companies like this check off every wish for a long-term holding.

Stock Price: $62.26/share, 5 Year Return: 5.7%, Dividend Yield: 2.90% ($1.80)

A quality reminder that within the market, opposite is key. For once you can go against the green, and seeing red is a great day. How do we determine risk? I incline you to check out the strategies billionaire investor Philip Fisher came to find and inherit. With these resources readily available, time is now of the essence. Building a portfolio of growth and value investing, removing your emotion, and making your process of research is where you can find some success. What is stopping you today?

Photo by brotiN biswaS on Pexels.com

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