Portfolio Additions: Entries and Grade

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Again back to where we left on. Today and moving through the weekend, we will discuss the additions or holdings that are on my radar. Watching or holding each of these companies for some time, it is time we dive systematically into how they pan out. Remember, this is all a form of opinion, not what absolutely is correct, we are talking about the stock market here. With that in mind, here are some big time watchlist items on my radar. Research and research, along with some research. Get to it!

CleanSpark (CLSK): CleanSpark is a Utah based company with some new changes to the management and financial team. CleanSpark is apart of the software and intelligent controls unit. Making energy controlled microgrids modeling software, business process methodology, and consulting services. Not only are they innovative, CleanSpark recently added Rachel Silverstein as VP of Compliance. Where was she before? Former Chief Counsel of Zappos, which is owned by Amazon. Moving ahead, the Utah native also added Owen Cadwalader to the VP of Operations. His background with Molekule and OptiRTC bring a well-experienced dynamic. Adding on top of that, CleanSpark added a$40M institutional investment, to help fund growth expansion and product offerings. For me, cash handling has been excellent within the CFO’s. From 2018 to 2019 they went from 412K to 7.84M, a 1,799% increase. Seeing this one through, big plans in the future still to come, I like this play.

Price/share: $11.02, Market Cap: $240.62M

Comstock Holdings (CHCI): Comstock Holdings is a Real Estate development company with a huge pipeline. Right now, they are eyeing DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland. Of course, they range from all over, with Homebuilding, Private and Institution investors. Offering land development, property management, entitlement, financing, general construction, and so on. Endless opportunities with the manufacturing of large commercial and private building, they bring a play with the construction and management services. Low debt, and they did free up some cash on hand. Gaining from 854K to 1.5M since 2018, look for this to increase substantially. Throughout the pandemic, Comstock was able to fork out 1M in debt payoffs, which is inspiring anyone.

Price/share: $3.059, Market Cap: $24.73M

AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC): AMC is a well-known theatre company based almost everywhere. With its recent decline and sell off of 200M for additional capital, most would sell or stay away. Not knocking the expertise, this is a believer stock for me, noting their income sheet is way down, their insider activity and partners soothe some of that. People love movies, and overseas they are ready for movies, too. Just think, will they stop making movies? Probably not. Dependent on re-opening, I look for this stock to rebound big. Directors and financial offers were buying back shares in the pandemic, as well as paying a little over a Billion in debt. Say what you please, still holding onto this one for the long haul.

Price/share: $4.11, Market Cap: $439.46M

One of the many tribulations throughout my journey is how the stock market acts and fluctuates. Amongst other things, we really have no concrete answer of why stocks and the market do what they do. My suggestions are to look at the company, not the market. Diligent research will lesser the value of you being wrong, but trust me, mistakes and misreading can happen! Trust yourself, if you believe, buy back when that price is low. Contenders will to be in your watchlist every single day, you can’t own all. Companies fail and companies succeed. You and me, we are looking for the ones that stick out and have a niche. Balance sheet and Operating cash flow, help tremendously when partnered with P/E ratios and Insider activity. Big competition is not always the perfect answer, stay in it!


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  1. Diva says:

    Awesome views! Definitely great explanations, considering some of the things I had no clue about. Keep going! Love reading your posts!

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