Friday Dialogue: Stock Picks

Steam rolling into mid December, the market is the same old market. Once again, transpired efforts and early outs fuel each and every market, every year. Your own research and homework will end in better profits, unless you’ve devised a plan otherwise (in which please let me know). Today we go over some of my favorites in my portfolio or watchlist. Attached and below will define each, along with share price and market capitalization. Enjoy!

Atlas Corporation (ATCO): Atlas Corporation, or really known as Seaspan, is a integrated ship management service. With 118 vessels, their partner APR Energy own, build, and operate power plants. With honest diversity and demand, ATCO’s financials are stellar. Even through the pandemic they saw upward fluctuations on every balance and income sheet. Maneuvering through Covid and increasing cash flow is a great sign. Better yet, ATCO also provides a 4.42% dividend, not bad if you ask me. Fresh news following this week, they also acquired 2 new containerships for $176 Million.

Stock Price: $11.21/share, Market Capitalization: 2.758B

ACME United Corporation (ACU): ACME is responsible for first aid and sharpening products. Alongside cutting and measuring equipment to homes, schools, office, and sporting good sectors. As of now ACU is distributed in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Making things like rulers and pencil products, to knives, the upside on this is huge. Bringing in the First Aid involvement, this push does seem beneficial, granting the world-wide nearing distribution. Financials are strong, with their Return on Equity (ROE) gaining near 3 percent. Partnered with that, income and revenue statements see an increase of near 4 percent. Adding a 228 percent increase among the cash flow and cash on hand is seemingly fitting. Peer comparison has them leading or right out of the lead in most of the categories in their sector (or industry).

Stock Price: $30.63/share, Market Capitalization: 102.29M

Flexible Solutions International (FSI): FSI is neat in itself for the development of water conservation services. Energy and water conservation is the back story, helping create specialty chemicals and pool top liquid blankets. One part tied to FSI is the Biodegradable polymers (BCPAs) cast line. With this and the others, my feeling is that they indeed have a niche. Constant research within the company, with their income statements and balance sheets increasing. Income statement isn’t necessarily perfect this quarter, the pandemic barely slowed their revenue. Great size for this company, one to definitely keep an eye on. Asset management seems to be logical and legit, ROE speaks to that itself.

Stock Price: $2.42/share, Market Capitalization: 29.62M

Comment your winners or watchlist! What has worked for you? Anyway this can help or guide anyone else along?


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    It’s good connecting with you and thank you for following my blog.

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      You as well! Thank you!

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