3 Dividend and ETF Winners: Balancing Volatility

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

Today is a day full of opportune optimism fueled by desire in handling yourself. Like life, the market is a keen way to assess your emotional conviction. Without a down, we are forced to settle, become content, thus, we stop searching. Saddling up with those temporary set backs, we can find pleasures in temporary defeat in this category. Below are some ways to offset that anxiety, how to find these resources, and where. Conceptual thinking and drive is to understand fully, as to the market we can not. Only enhancement, patterns, and a little good luck can prove its prestige. We can never stop trying, though. Proven winners moving into the New Year are below, enjoy the less-risky options!

iShares Global Clean Energy ETF (ICLN): (ICLN) is an Indexed ETF, providing some balance to your portfolio. More commonly, this ETF sections in sectors, providing investments across a certain 30, and 10% is really used as R&D (finding new futures) in my opinion, along with cash and equivalents. With the Biden Administration, there is nothing pointing at a decline in my book. Having more freedom with this pick, they also pay a $.13 dividend, some comfort for your stay. State Street Bank & Trust handles the operation, being team managed as well.

Share Price: $27.67/share, Total Assets: 3.07B, Dividend/share: $0.13

Microsoft (MSFT): Microsoft is not a hard one to select here. Microsoft is a software company, cloud recognition, and cross-device computing technology. Over the past 20 years (MSFT) has made a name for itself. One as itself, Microsoft is shareholder driven, tons of assets, and the balance and income sheets jump off the page. Over the years they have handled themselves across many areas, but the atmosphere there is truly about optimization. Seeing that time and time again, Gates and co. also serve out a $2.09 dividend/share. With constant innovation, this seems to be a pick for the long haul.

Share Price: $224.68/share, Market Capitalization: 1.7T, Dividend/share: $2.09

Diageo (DEO): Diageo is a alcoholic beverage company. Heard or tried Smirnoff? Welcome to the owner. Alongside that, (DEO) provides their services almost anywhere you can think. Making constant acquisitions, Diageo always seems to hit. Finding a niche in the push of whiskey and more branded products, the way is still up. Opening back up, that will really drive their business as well. Tremendous income and revenue sheets, one tip off is the debt. Once they can show and prove it is not everlasting, they will continue to battle amongst the top. Outsourcing to almost anywhere you can think of, Diageo distributes a $3.55 dividend/share.

Share Price: $163.57, Market Capitalization: 95.88B, Dividend/share: $3.55

Alluding to the fact of not predicting the market, adjust to more researching and dive bombing into spreadsheets. Something for nothing is still a common misconception. Stay invested, stay researching, and stay moving!


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