New Year Watchlist: Stocks To Eye

OneWater Marine (ONEW): OneWater is preferably known for its recreational boat retailing. Notice anything? Yes, this is a play perfect for our spring rollout. (ONEW) supplies 21 dealer groups in 10 states. Marketing further, they are still in some debt. That put aside, their cash and revenue streams have found their footing, to say the least. Big players in this field, competition is them at the top, in my opinion. Solid balance sheets, big revenue streams, and a broad market. Look for this one in 2021.

Price/share: $32.26, Market Capitalization: $481M, Net Debt: $81M

Korn Ferry (KFY): Korn Ferry is a tad bit different, bringing in attention from me, of course. Technically speaking, (KFY) hauls from the Industrial & Commercial Services sector, bringing Talent Management Solutions. Recruiting and non-executive recruiting is their niche, but they are heavy in the Healthcare field, as well. With income and profits at the Billion mark, you can see growth still. Adding to the beauty, you can pull a $.40 dividend each quarter as well!

Price/share: $46.32, Market Capitalization: $2.50B

3D Systems Corporation (DDD): (DDD) fornicated in the Technology area. Bringing three-dimension to life, and executing its supplies and chain market. Their applications range from Automotive to Aerospace, even to healthcare. Huge market potential and room for growth. Their profit margin and actual income needs work, so definitely keep an eye out. Some debt that can be easily worked through, solid play for the long.

Price/share: $25.03, Market Capitalization: $115.47M, Net Debt: $55M

As we know, this is not a call or a “know-it-all,” scheme. Simply doing the due diligence of searching and moving towards our long-term goals. I do not claim to know what the market does and what exact picks are going to win. So, tidy up and notebook it out. Find the actual revenue, use your RSI to your advantage, and make sure to always take a glance at the volume pre-market. All of that is for picking watchlist or potential buys. Researching beats anxiety. Keep at it!


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