Saturday Sights: Which Companies Are Next?

Pandemic. Seems to be the relatable term of acknowledgment now, wouldn’t you say? Right. Simply put, the market is following the lead of the pandemic for sure. Ups and downs as always. Finding companies isn’t a necessarily easy task but there are many things we can take from the experience. Digging a little deeper is what makes your selection process unique. Be you! Below are a couple companies to keep an eye on as we move forward.

MDC Partners Inc (MDCA): MDC Partners has 4 key areas they have established themselves in. Specialist Communication, Media Services, Integrated Agencies, and the one that sticks out, Domestic Creative Agencies. Summarized, (MDCA) targets the media platform, giving way to analytical data. Stepping further, this gives way to there marketing, planning and optimization, and design and branding services, to say a few. Big, big gains from a year ago, as well as there operating income. MDC Partners are innovative, and can see them keeping a steady drive where they are. After locating the 10Q, there are big things in store. Keep an eye!

Price/share: $2.64/share, Market Capitalization: $193.54M

Cleveland-Cliffs Inc (CLF): Cleveland-Cliffs Inc is a producer and distributor of iron ore and steel products. Most of what they do is used for the automotive needs. All of them! So, you think cars will stop being made? Notta. (CLF) of course provides steel and manufacturing on many things, as well as carbon controlled areas. They operate on an upstream and downstream basis, which gives them some credibility moving ahead. Sticking out to me is the amount of money they, “can” pull in. A billion dollars last year?! Now, they lost some of that momentum, but outlasted a few previous years. Upside is still here, and (CLF) has efficiently paid off debt. Love to see that.

Price/share: $16.40, Market Capitalization: 6.55B


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