Market Buster: Big Plays For Big Rewards

Romeo Power Inc (RMO): (RMO) falls inside the energy technology arena. Commercially driven, they design lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. Pause. Any bells going off? Regardless, Romeo Powers main function is to create and innovate long-lasting batteries for vehicles. Obviously the market is hot for this at the moment, so the sheets are the defining line here. That being said, (RMO) impresses on the sheets and the market is ripe for the rise. Watchlist and check it out over some time. We know for the next four years the energy and clean energy sector will at least be backed, then it is on volatility to act.

Price: $18.64/share, Market Capitalization: $2.35B

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Quest Resource Holding Corporation (QRHC): Quest Resource provides recycling and waste services to a broad array of customers. Inside this, they partner with their customers to design processes for collection, disposal, and tracking waste. Large market awareness, and if it can be as reliable as Waste Management (WM) you are in for a treat. Handfuls of subsegments (QRHC) is in are big box, food chains, and international fleet operators. Wide range and capable to expand even further. One stock that is easily reciprocated when allocated to need and use. Quest has done very well paying debts, soon to be rewarded by breaking even and making some real cash.

Price: $2.60/share, Market Capitalization: $47.79M

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