Primed For Promising Future: Control Your Market Wins

As the market explodes in several sectors, there are still questions surfacing. Not that this is any different than any other time, market is the market. Below are some portfolio items that are poised for an uphill battle. Watchlist and watch over time, see if these picks work for you.

Castor Marintime Inc (CTRM): Castor Marintime falls into the Freight & Logistics sector. That being, (CTRM) maintains 13 vessels for shipping ore, steel, sugar, etc… Providing this, they make it very easy to expand and connect in different locations. Having steel and sugar products, with some more to add, the deniability can’t be formed. Sheets and RSI was great at the beginning of the week. With it being a penny stock, volume is through the roof. Check it out.

Price/share: $1.06, Market Capitalization: $539M, Ticker: CTRM

Oyster Point Pharma Inc (OYST): Oyster is a bio pharmaceutical company. Their vision caters to products for surface diseases. Eyes and mouth, skin, etc…Sheets are through the roof, balanced very well. With the company designated to the product line, it will always be needed. Hopefully the take is future products, with R&D surely being the leading influence. Check this out and buy on dips!

Price/share: $25.32, Market Capitalization: $654M, P/B: 3.166, Ticker: OYST


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  1. oneta hayes says:

    Thanks for the like on my blog on 1st Chronicles. I hope you found it interesting and that you return sometime. My blog is quite a mixture of topics. I see your is the market and business matters. Wish you well but that does fit in my life at 87 years old. 😀

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