Happy Stock Market Trends: The Positive Side

Brave battles are forthcoming everyday throughout our pandemic. Getting lost in the everyday jumble is something we all can relate to. Market views hopefully stick to the opposite. Seeing tech and EV soar is something to not run away from, or else the 90’s would have been an onslaught of tragedies with the dot.com boom. That being said, let us take a peak at some stocks located either in the portfolio or on the watchlist to keep an eye on.

Sonos Inc (SONO): Sonos Inc developed home speaker systems and the alike. Stringing together multi-room wireless systems, does anything come to mind? For me, I see the potential with all the streaming we have going on today. Now, their income statement is what needs to bounce back, but the cash flow has steadily increased over time. Thoughtful that we might see some real movement in the next year. Debt payoff is something to make sure to eye, as well. How they navigate competitors and what they can bring further is key.

Price: $36/share, Market Capitalization: $4.07B

MGM Resorts International (MGM): To be honest, it’s not crazy to look forward to the opening up of places like these. A holding company, MGM International holds its subsidiaries in resorts and casinos. Everyone has heard of it, and the money is obviously there. Looking at their price at the moment, I do have them undervalued. Whenever you can see multi-billions, you can really see the upside. Vaccination success rate will definitely play a factor with this one…Has the cruise ship take off vibe, and they pay a small dividend for your gratitude.

Price: $34.96/share, Market Capitalization: $13.99B


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