2ND Quarter Stock Highlights And New Players


Aphria (APHA): Canada based Aphria/Tilray has populated to a massive sum over the past 3 months. Merging with fellow Tilray (TLRY), they definitely extended their marketplace. One thing is for sure though, Tilray needed a push. Now, if you held Aphria before the news, you were rewarded, .83 shares of Tilray. Present all over the word, following new additions in the US. I can see ramped up revenue and acquisitions in the future.

Stock Price: (APHA)/$18.76/share. (TLRY)/$25.56/share

3D Systems (DDD): Ahhhh, love a solid buy and hold. 3D systems as implied, covers many type of areas in that 3D world. Previously appeared in a older post on my site, you can find it below, along with some other past winners. 3D has expanded and generated fantastic income. Their stock price has seen some crazy improvement after a little fall before. Awesome to see from this and I am added more in quarter two. With recent news people are selling, in which case lets grab some more. Check (DDD) out, and don’t miss the dips!

Stock Price: (DDD)/$36.00/share


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