How More Affordable Health Care Impacts The Market 👇🏻

2021 is a bounce back year in terms of full scope, wouldn’t you say? Indebted forever into masks and hand sanitizer. How does this impact the market? More specifically, you. Times are changing fast, what industry do you think is next? Pharmaceuticals, drone work, EV? How affordable health care lifts all sectors below. 👇🏻

Healthcare once you start to age does one thing…Goes up. So let’s say the average rating price for all ages was dropped by $30-50. What would that do? Well, 10,000 people become eligible for medicare every single day. Just with that, $300,000 ($109 Million/year). Not saying it would be thrown all into the market, of course not. But how many medicare eligible people do you know who invest? Exactly. Providing seniors with some more wiggle room, and helping with RX cost. Insulin, certain heart medicines, and inhalers can absolutely sabotage any potential earnings.

Certain factors would play into this, being that more seniors would be prompted to use technology. Overall, that has already kinda taken place. Maybe it happens, maybe we get a tide shift, or maybe we don’t. Regardless, reducing drug cost, or even rating tables for medicare, could absolutely help. MAPD fill in nice, but not everyone sees that side. Hopefully after today they can, as the world needs it.


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