Housing and Stock Markets: Broad View Today

Can you say sellers market? We can all turn the page to a new story, direction, and electric something. Of course stocks are the true ebb-and-flow and will continue to be till the end of time. Housing markets are similar, if not the same. Citizens all over hear about the lavish new settlement, flock, drive the prices up, then what? High prices and inflation, so the cycle continues.

Stock markets act in similar fashion. Tailoring towards an influx of buyers, driving that price up. Once at highs, or some news many seem to over read, they sell, driving the price back down. How do we avoid this? Better yet, how do we stop shorts and options from tearing up those hard earned winners in our portfolio? Maybe it’s time the market gives us some education! That’s experience, my friend. Everyday establishing patience in the market is your best partner.

Investing in property is a great way to boost your income and get to the lifestyle you deserve. Stocks are too, but each are in a frenzy at the moment. Jumping ahead, loyalty to our pockets and savings is huge. Adding a little more to your cash, or Roth’s, or even 401K’s can provide peace of mind throughout the times we are in. For those house and property sellers, keep on selling!


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    1. codypitt says:

      appreciate it tons!


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