Being at the top of the list in your devoted area is always a goal. As humans we want more, even relic the thought of more, the abundance. How does this translate to sales? Exactly in the same manner, we want and want. Do you spend more time wanting? Do you spend more time learning? Here are 3 ways to keep expanding and leading in sales. 👇🏻☄️🐣 (All are tips only- derived from success)

1) Energy- High energy equals high income. Not over the top but find your medium. Clients buy from you, the people, then the product. Give people something to invest in. Show them a reason to give you a yes. Energy stays through the calls/appointment.

2) Empathy- Absolutely! Connecting with prospective clients requires empathy. This show cases who you are (which in turns leads to more sales). Not fillers, but understand and giving them that effort. The, “Wow’s!” “ Walk me through that.” They all come into play, they let it be known you are listening.

3) Assumptive- That YES momentum. Being assumptive does exude confidence, as well as generate those yes answers. We all know, the more you do something, the more you are inclined to repeat. Same way when you close, those yes’s will transfer.

Lastly, ABC! Always Be Closing! Using empathy and inquire some of your own struggles to help connect. People buy from people they like. Wouldn’t you? Comment what helps you make sales throughout your day!


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  1. T.R says:

    The sky is the limit this is truly informative! Keep shining looking forward to the next post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. codypitt says:

      Thank you man!! I see you shining!


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