Comfort Zones: Moving Past Your Resistance

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What is the most efficient way to break through an uncomfortable situation? Moments of distress and vague attainment. Putting yourself in these spots starts as a stimulate in our subconscious mind. How so? From experience and conditioning, we often correlate Fear with the factors of why we can’t do some things. In fact, in most cases, our whole lives can be sheltered from things we are uncomfortable with. What if I told you that in can be changed? And fast. Resistance sits in confidentiality, showing us its true form while we sit alone. Below will intensify the subject to bring an even more sufficient understanding.

Coming into progress with this is challenging, but very do-able with the desire. Willingness is beyond the first point of contact. Sitting with yourself to conclude your precedent is the first step. You have to know your triggers to fix them, right? Do not stop there. Why do you feel this way in this context? Constructive fabrication of your conversations follows. Key in the developmental stages of your growth, for real. Fear can move you, fuel you, consume you. Don’t let it. Strangely, well, to this point in your life, accept it. True absorption is needed to plan a way to eliminate certain resistances you are faces.

What is your vice? Social anxiety is something that can bring resistance to me. I tend to lag back and make excuses, why? In the past, I neglected and pushed away any fit of improvement in this area. Fear fueled my obsession to think, but not act. Every tangible and intangible resistance at a glance, is pushed to negative, instead of progression. Over time, regression sets in as you grow accustomed to no social interactions. Leaving you in a situation of forgetfulness. Yes! Extended time away, you will find yourself having trouble in a communication sense.

Since we know the power of Human Relationships, this is a red flag! Not only does those relationships bring monetary success, it brings a new light of life upon us. We start to listen more in depth, view others in different ways, even going back on ways we used to interpret things. Building rapport with strangers is my way of breaking through the barriers. I will say that over time, I have formed an understanding of myself and others. I look forward to the interaction from a learning stance. Sensing and mirroring personalities start to pop up quicker, leading to more commonality. What careers can this help in as well? All of them!

Conversations lead the opportunities. Picking brains of ones at a higher level will associate you with talking in a professional manner, and get you more comfortable with conversating with those in high regards. Example: asking for a raise. Life and Health insurance sales? Commercial and Residential lending? IT work? Retail? I mean it when I say, all of them. The main category to focus on is…..You! If you sacrifice your reasoning or your why, you will fall back. Never stop and asses why you’re putting yourself in charge. Resistance is broken by trial, by experience. Whatever you may be facing, feel it, construct it, then stay accustomed. You have to be willing to be dealing, something for nothing is not ever the case. Be a better you, today!

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