Maneuvering Gains: 2021 Stock Lookout

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Following the steps and guidance of those like Benjamin Graham is pivotal. Mixing these experiences with your own style, there you have it. You! Regardless of the differences in Humans, we can all relate to a couple things…Happiness and Money! Lending a hand and moving right along, today is geared with the focus on shaping your portfolio for the New Year. Remember, this is no exact placement, nor do I claim to exactly know this market, How about we take a look at a few, emotions tucked deep, using research and some key widgets can place some solid additions to your gains.

Apogee Enterprises Inc (APOG): Developing glass and glass solutions, Apogee has no problem balancing their revenue and working inside a niche-type field. Peer comparison is unmatched, but it is predicated on how the income sheet and balance sheets were intercepted and managed. Seeing an increase of 54% on the profit cash, 35% on income, and 11% increase with the cash operating flow. P/E ratio at 12, pandemic efforts have not slowed them down. (APOG) will definitely look to scale and acquire, viewing the RSI and MAC amongst their chart, Apogee will look to jump ahead of that sector even more. To sweeten the deal, they add a 0.75 dividend, which most likely will only see rises.

Price: $32.32/share, Market Capitalization: 852M, Dividend: $0.75, 2.31%

Evoqua Water Technology Corporation (AQUA): Evoqua maintains a stance in the water and recycling, bringing mobile and emergency water supply solutions. Using the life-cycle theme for on-demand, recycled, and emergency water solutions. Making things enhanced, it suits sales, too. (AQUA) employees a separate sales divisions and distributes products on that scale as well. What does that mean? More jobs! Especially now, right? ROE (return on equity) is is 1,121%, and found themselves $83 million in the green throughout the pandemic. Having different lanes as well as their own, look out for (AQUA).

Price: $26.37/share, Market Capitalization: 3.12B

GrowGeneration Corp: (GRWG): Last on the list is GrowGeneration. A farm supply company, (GRWG) has been immensely successful for investors this year. With 36 retail stores and a supermarket online platform for absolutely any cultivations needs, huge upside for this growing business. Manufacturing and distributing nutrients and soil, with hydroponic supply specialty, marketing will always stay up-to-date. Recent updates with the recreational and medicinal cannabis laws, GrowGeneration finds itself in a life changing spot. Running high as of right now, at least check it out or watchlist item list it, see how it does! Endless increases on most sheets, the average trading volumes sit at $4.18M

Price: $41.25/share, Market Capitalization: $2.20B

The Intelligent Investor- Benjamin Graham

Above is book on value/enterprise investing.


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