Alabama Quarterback Mac Jones

2021 Draft class is a good one. Teams are moving up, handing out swaps, and looking to make a splash. This years class is loaded with quarterback talent, talent is all over the board. Here are some key picks in this years draft.

San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers just swapped for the #3 pick with the Dolphins. Giving up a 3rd round pick and two future 1st round picks. This is hefty in my opinion, glad I’m not in that seat. 49ers need health, and help with the Offensive Line. Resigning Trent Williams is huge for that, but moving all the way to #3 to grab— that is a bit much. Unless they are looking to steal a QB off the board, they could use help in the secondary. We will see.

New England Patriots: Bill Belichick made headlines after signing two tight ends during the trade deadline. What is big here are which QB’s in this years draft play the best in that system. An obvious selection would be Alabama star Mac Jones. Big, smart, and coachable for the 6 time super bowl champion coach. Areas of improvement could be adding some linebackers to that core. Gregory Rousseau could tie in well in New England, but we know Bill is looking for a solid QB.

New York Jets: Where do I start? They need help everywhere, but Zach Wilson out of BYU is honestly not my second pick in the draft. Mac Jones is a pro style QB, but we will see. The jets certainly have taken to Wilson early. OL needs improvement, so second and third rounds are huge for New York.

Dallas Cowboys: Big time for the Cowboys to add someone to help Dak. Kyle Pitts would be terrific in that system, if he is available. Adding someone like Alijah Vera-Tucker could help keep Dak up, too. Last year was evident that the Cowboys need more than just Dak and misdirections with Ezekiel Elliot. Ohio state corner Patrick Surtain ll is projected there, which is an awesome player, but I don’t know if that’s the right system.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Pittsburgh needs a big time receiver or tight end. They are projected to take an offensive lineman, but let’s be real. After game six, what did Claypool provide? Trading up for Devonta Smith would be an awesome improvement for Ben’s probable last outing. Steelers defense needs a lot of work on the back end, too. This is a team to watch, because with a solid draft, Ben could see himself with one more trophy.

Coverage of the 2021 NFL Draft starts April 29th at 8pm.


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